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September/October 2017

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African-American Guide to Meetings, Incentives & Traveling in the Caribbean
Because there exists such a strong cultural connection between African-Americans and Caribbean people, many associations and organizations view the region as a prime meeting destination. 
Meetings Love Cruise Ships

 The cruise industry is the fastest growing segment in travel and tourism with demand outstripping supply across all sectors. An emerging sector within the cruise industry is conferences at sea.  Today's ships have meeting venues galore with all the latest in audio/video equipment to fit the needs of any meeting planner.

African-American Reunions Mean Big Bucks for Savvy Marketers describes the word reunion as, "…a gathering of relatives, friends, or associates at regular intervals or after separation…the act or process of coming together again…" And it seems, that despite our turbulent economy, many Black families continue to come together at regular intervals no matter what. Even when money is tight and expenses are cut, they tend to focus on things that are important in life, such as family and maintaining friendships.

African-American Guide to Meetings, Incentives & Traveling in the Midwest

It's the place where you'll find the nation's largest African-American cultural museum and its oldest Black theater, a land where civil rights history was made and a revolutionary Black music sound was born.  It's the home of America's largest shopping mall and the largest musical festival on the planet.

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