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January/February 2014

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Throughout 2014, we at Black Meetings & Tourism will be celebrating our 20 th year of publishing.  Many changes have taken place in the industry during those 20 years, some of it to be applauded, some of it questionable.
20 Unforgettable African-American Heritage Sites/Venues
As Black Meetings & Tourism embarks on its year-long 20 th Anniversary Celebration, we thought it only appropriate to highlight attractions, destinations
Should There Be A CVB Report Card
At a time in our nation's history of renewed calls for economic fairness and a restoration of the ideals once known as the American dream
Effective Time Management Tips
Most of the time; you will hear people complain that they do not have enough time to finish up their tasks which generally lead to un-productivity as well as stress
What You Dont Know Is Costing You!
We are arguably the most misunderstood market in travel and tourism.  Destinations either don't court African-Americans
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