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September/October 2013

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It's Been A Long Hard Road, But We're Still Making Progress
The year was 1993.  President Bill Clinton was sworn into office for his first term.  Top movies of that year include Jurassic Park, and two Denzel Washington films, Philadelphia and The Pelican Brief.
Will African-Americans Still Meet & Vacation In Florida?
While the George Zimmerman verdict is a public relations nightmare, African-Americans will continue to visit Florida. 
Would Your Boss Fire You If She Knew You Were Leaving So Much Money On The Table?
Question:  How can any company ignore a community whose purchasing power is rapidly approaching $1.1 trillion?
Meeting In The Midwest
The American Midwest symbolizes the American dream.
Meeting At The Beach
Major regional medical conventions, hemispheric financial conferences, and international professional gatherings have been held at beachside resorts and venues for years.
Adfrican-American Guide To Meetings, Incentives And Traveling In The Caribbean
There lies a strong connection and affinity between African-Americans and Caribbean peoples.