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Issue: Novenber/December 2013
Vacationing With Purpose
By: Marlon Smith

When you travel, do you consider it to be with a sense of purpose?  Or, like many who hit the road, is your goal to just escape from the everyday challenges you face at home.  If you could experience fun while on vacation and grow in your personal and professional development, would that type of vacation attract you?

These are the types of questions Success By Choice, Inc. is asking as they embark on a mission of empowering individuals, families, and communities in maximizing their true potential - while on vacation.

Since January 1992, Success By Choice, Inc. has facilitated leadership and relationship programs in 45 states and 14 countries. Success By Choice addresses such relevant issues as having accountability partners who are encouraging you to be your absolute best.  They expand on that theme by not only helping travelers to enjoy life to the fullest, but in the process experiencing amazing resorts, unbelievable cruises and realizing life-transforming trips?

The positive responses from audiences throughout the world motivated the Success By Choice team to introduce what is being called "Vacationing With Purpose" Dream trips.  These trips offer individuals the option to experience amazing fun in beautiful environments while growing in their personal and professional development.

In February 2013, the Success By Choice team launched the "Real Relationship Cruise" where guests cruised from Miami to Jamaica and then onto the Grand Cayman Islands.  While at sea, guests attended various personal growth seminars.

From the point of view of Success By Choice, today's competitive and stress-related society is causing people in all walks of life to seek answers and solutions to many of life's most difficult challenges.  For some, facing these challenges while on vacation is not only an opportunity to discover a new destination, but to discover who they truly are.

Tackling such sensitive questions as, "My retirement account has evaporated.  What do I do?"; "Is it really possible for me to experience healthy relationships?'; "My family has a history of health issues and problems, so is it my fate too?", not much is off limits as Success By Choice invites individuals to expand their horizons both personally and geographically. 

Specific answers and solutions to these questions and many more are shared during these innovative "Vacationing WithPurpose" Dream trips.  The goal is to learn and grow while experiencing first-class vacations.  The outcome can by life changing.

Some seminar highlights shared during previous "VacationingWith Purpose" Dream trips have included: Developing your personal mission statement that empowers you to stay true to your values; Gaining clarity on your short-term and long-term goals; Improving your self-esteem and self-awareness; Accepting personal accountability and responsibility for your choices; Being more proactive in your personal and professional development; Identifying your strengths and improvement areas; and Creating your "Goals Affirmation Collage" to maintain focus.

Online webinars and private membership resources will allow individuals to continue the dialogue, encouragement and support that were experienced on the Dream trip.

Marlon and Syreeta Smith, the principals of Success By Choice, have partnered with Matthew Thomas of World Connect, Inc. and Daryle Whyte of First Fridays United to bring "Vacationing With Purpose" to the African-American traveling public. First Fridays United has a database of 350,000+ upwardly mobile professionals. 

People want to have fun, experience amazing trips, with "movers and shakers" while learning strategies for producing greater results in life.  Because of this, "Vacationing With Purpose" Dream trips are resonating with an increasing number of people, families and communities. To find out more about "Vacationing With Purpose" send an email to, or call (800) 321-2464.