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Issue: Novenber/December 2013
Components Of An Effective Sales Manager Training Program
By: Velton W. Showell III

It is believed that sales managers play an important role when it comes to sales outcomes of a certain company. This is the reason why these managers should have the right skill and knowledge when it comes to doing their job effectively. A lot of companies and organization today are investing a lot on sales manager training programs to make sure skillful sales managers which are able to adapt in the fast changing marketing conditions lead their sales team. Training programs need to have the right components for them to be more effective and useful for the all sales managers and for the company in general. Below are some of these components.

Instructions Should Be Goal-Oriented

It is best that instructions in the sales manager training program are goal oriented. This will set a clear goal for every participant in the training. This would also assure that the training can attain or reach certain goals. It would be best when planning for the training program, the instructor should participate in the preparation of the training course so that the objective and goals of the training will not be missed. A meeting with upper management gives the instructor a better understanding of the corporate environment that exists and the areas of focus it creates.

The Sales Manager Training Program Should Concentrate On The Participant

For thesales manager training program to be more successful, it needs to be offered to a smaller group size and it should be a special training toward addressing the weak areas of the participants as well as enhancing their strengths. Most likely, sales managers already attended a lot of seminars about their work which makes them pretty much capable of doing their job. But amidst this, they still have some flaws and this is where the training should concentrate. Often, if an advanced survey or questionnaire is given to the participants, their direct reports and their immediate supervisor in these areas can be uncovered and then focused on during the training.

The Sales Manager Training Program Should Focus On Behavior

Merely knowledge and skills will not lead to a successful sales campaign. The right sales group spirit is becoming very much critical in a sales team. The first person who should have this kind of spirit should be the sales manager for he will be the one to pass this spirit to the entire team. The sales manager should realize that a character-oriented team is more effective than a knowledge-based team. Creating the proper Environment is something that must be instilled in the sales managers' understanding of their responsibility.

Seek Improvements For Modern Sales Management Issues

As we all know, sales management methods should also evolve with the changing need of the market. This is the reason why sales managers should learn how to discover some ways on how to improve their sales campaigns to address common issues faced by different organizations and companies today. The sales manager training program prepared for them should be one where they are trained to seek how to improve the conventional ways they address sales management problems.

For a certain organization or business to gain good results from sales manager training program, it should be prepared well and crafted in accordance to the goals and objectives of the company. Considering the things mentioned above could really help sales managers handle a sales team with the different issues they face when it comes to modern day selling. It could help them to successfully do their job well while being able to bring out the best of each individual in the team not only for the benefit of the group but also for the benefit of the company in general