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Issue: May June 2013
Tips For A Better Sales Presentation
By: Velton W. Showell III

An effective sales presentation is a crucial part of any company’s strategy to increase its sales. We all want our clients to buy the product or the concept we are pitching to them. For this reason, it is important for us to fully understand how to deliver excellent sales presentations in order to achieve the desired results. There are a few tips that we can all use that can help us improve how we prepare and deliver the sales presentations in our respective companies.

One of the key steps we all need to undertake before actually delivering the sales presentation is to carry out some research on the clients and the markets. We need to take a step back and realize that every client and every sales pitch is unique. Having understood this, some research is needed to help us fully understand the needs of every unique client. Thanks to advances in technology, we can easily carry out research on our clients and their particular needs through the use of social media websites.

Sales Presentation Should Be Relevant
The next tip we all need to be aware of is making the sales presentation relevant to the audience. Since we have already done the research beforehand then it will be easier to formulate a presentation that is engineered towards the particular client. We have to avoid using generic presentations as much as possible. We need to show how a particular product will solve the client’s specific problem in order for the presentations to prove successful.

We also need to ensure that our sales presentation has a clear structure and that it is easy for the clients to understand the flow of the presentation. This way the clients will be in a better position to remember essential parts of the sales presentation. They will also have a better platform for asking pertinent questions about the product that is being pitched to them. In addition, if there is no clear structure to the presentation then we might forget to mention some key aspects, which will undermine the whole presentation.

Good conversational skills are also essential in delivering a perfect sales presentation. Most salespeople often make the mistake of talking too much about their respective companies and themselves. We need to involve conversation in the presentation. The best way to do this is by asking the clients a few quality questions. We need to pay attention to the answers that the clients provide as this will prove helpful in later stages of the presentation.

We should always start the sales presentations strongly and end strongly. Engage the audience in a powerful opening that is relevant to them. Summarize the desired outcomes of the presentation and the structure that shall be used throughout the presentation. A strong opening will keep the audience engaged and alert throughout the presentation. We should also have a strong closing reiterating the desired results of the presentations and asking the clients if we have achieved the desired results. These tips will enable us to make an excellent sales presentation which in turn means better results for our companies.

Experience is the best teacher and over time you will become more comfortable delivering presentations. Repetition allows you to become more comfortable so practice before you get in front of your customer. Practice with family, friends, work associates, and even in front of a mirror. This will allow you to feel comfortable and confident with your presentation so when you are in front of the customer you can feel more natural and relaxed.

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