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November/December 2011

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The Most Influential African-Americans In The Meetings/Tourism Industry
It’s that time of year again for BM&T’s annual review of the progress and success of those African-Americans who continue to make significant strides in our industry.
Meeting The Needs Of Your Meeting
It’s time to decide which destination and venue to book for your next event, conference, convention or board meeting. Back in the day, organizing those occasions was more of a routine task - make some phone calls
South Carolina Is Open For Business
Whoever invented postcards must have had South Carolina in mind. From the southern charms of Charleston, to the beautiful shores of Myrtle Beach and the lush green landscape of Columbia, the Palmetto state is a photographer’s paradise
Airport Hotels Make Convenient Meeting Venues
Almost every country in the world has an airport. Some of them are small regional airports and others are enormous international airports designed for large scale traveling.
Rough Sledding Continues For BP Disaster Victims
The evening of April 20, 2010, was just like any other along the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Fishermen were trolling the waters for their livelihood. Birds, fish, mammals and other sea life enjoyed the creature comforts
Convention Center Review
The goal of today’s convention centers is to provide the same comforting, hospitable yet professional attention that is offered in the hotel setting.
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