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June/July 2009
This is the June/July 2009 issues of Black Meetings & Tourism Online Edition.
Featured Stories
Cost Conscious Cities
When the economy is in a recession, every consumer becomes cost-conscious. Before they spend money on anything, they want evidence that it's good value. For meeting and tourism destinations, the pressure is on
ADHT Conference: Creating a Timely Response
Recently all the talk is about documenting the current tough economic times and forecasting when they will get better. The tourism industry has definitely not been immune to these discussions nor the effects of the current economy
Recession Got You Down? Don't React - Act!
It's not uncommon for the typical cube-land employee to feel like a pinball, being bounced around from setback to setback. No raise - bam! Cut in benefits - ping!
Black American Tourists Can Make The Difference in Loss and Profit for Caribbean
My siblings and I looked forward to family vacations, even if only a car trip to see family in the South. And though we could not travel to the Caribbean back then, I've always had a passion for the islands. I'd spend hours looking through Ebony magazine
Trimming The Fat From Meeting Budgets
Many of you remember the story of Andrea Gail. The Andrea Gail was the 72-ft. commercial fishing boat chronicled in the film "The Perfect Storm" starring George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg
Strategic Alliances Good Business
Its no secret times are tough in our industry. We're an industry that in large measure thrives on the discretionary spending of others, be they individuals, groups or corporations
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