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Sonya Stinson
Sonya Stinson
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The Importance of Heritage Tourism
Published: 1-Dec-2007

The traveler who takes a tour of local historic landmarks or joins in the revelry of a regional cultural festival is exactly the kind of visitor every city would love to have more of. Destinations that are putting major investments into the development of visitor product in this arena are showcased
African American Guide To Meeting, Incentives and Traveling in the West
Published: 1-Feb-2008

From cowboys to movie stars, African-Americans have been part of the history and cultrue of the American West. But beyond the big frontiers and the big screen, the African-American presence has made an impact in a variety of places
Family Friendly Destinations
Published: 1-Dec-2008

Now more than ever, when it comes to travel destinations, family-friendly means budget-friendly. "Families are certainly looking for ways to stretch every dollar right now"
The African-American Guide to Meetings, Incentives, & Traveling in the South
Published: 1-Apr-2009

The South is turning on the charm, ramping up the fun, spotlighting the region's rich African-American heritage and moving toward a greener hospitality industry
Cost Conscious Cities
Published: 1-Jun-2009

When the economy is in a recession, every consumer becomes cost-conscious. Before they spend money on anything, they want evidence that it's good value. For meeting and tourism destinations, the pressure is on
African-American Guide To Meetings, Incentives and Traveling in the Northeast
Published: 1-Aug-2009

Everyone can find a different reason to get excited about a trip to one of the great destinations in the Northeast. For some, it might be the chance to soak in some of the atmosphere in America’s most storied Black cultural center.
African-American Guide to Meeting, Incentives and Traveling in the Midwest
Published: 1-Oct-2009

Location is one of the biggest factors lending nationwide appeal to Midwest travel destinations. The area is fairly easy to reach from all corners of the Continental United States.But not only is the region geographically central, it’s also been at the center of some of the most significant cultural and social events in America’s history.
The Importance of Heritage Tourism
Published: 19-Jan-2010

From music to movies, from the Civil War to civil rights, more and more travelers are seeking authentic experiencesof the culture and history of the places they visit.
Major Industry Association Assess The Health Of The Hospitality Industry
Published: 17-Mar-2010

Empty hotel rooms, blank spaces on event calendars and quiet downtown streets tell the story in pictures of how hard the recession has hit the hospitality industry. If you’re looking for a number to quantify the impact, consider that the U.S. travel industry, which typically employs nearly eight million people, lost a combined 400,000 jobs in 2008 and 2009, according to the U.S. Travel Association.
African-American Guide To Meeting, Incentives And Traveling In The South
Published: 26-Jul-2010

Whether it’s the sites that let visitors experience the region’s difficult and inspiring past or the exciting places that focus on its diverse and forward-looking contemporary culture, the South is a memorable meeting and travel destination.