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BM&T Salutes Hospitality Industry Diversity Leaders
Published: 1-Dec-2007

As most readers of BM&T know, periodically, we like to salute those in our industry who signify the utmost in achievement when it comes to diversity. And what better time to shed light on those who deserve our praise for a job well done
The Cruise Industry and The African-American Traveler
Published: 1-Dec-2007

gives an up close and personal report on the writer's first cruise and an overview of a growing segment of the mettings and leisure travel industry
Special Report: Emerging Markets for African-American Travelers
Published: 1-Feb-2008

While the most popular travel destinations may offer outstanding choices for the meeting planner or the leisure traveler, we explore several up and coming markets that we think are worth a look
25 Ways to Keep Your Meeting Budget Under Control
Published: 1-Feb-2008

25 Ways to Keep Your Budget Under Control offers suggestions on how to maintain that delicate balance all meeting planners face between keeping costs down and insuring those who attend walk away with the experience of a lifetime
Elected Officials Who Champion Tourism
Published: 1-Feb-2008

Elected leaders lend more to their destinations than approving bills and other measures to build infrastructure. There is very little that can replace the power and influence of a well-placed, wel-respected politician. It's more than a vote to increase the budget of the local convention and visitor's bureau
Should Black Groups/Meetings Book Destinations That Don't Support The African-American Market Segment
Published: 1-Jun-2008

The answer to that question seems obvious. But the need to consider this question is indicative of a lingering problem. No amount of saber rattling, ranting, discussing the pros and cons of working in the $40 billion African-American meetings
Unique Spaces As Meeting Places
Published: 1-Jun-2008

"Wanna get away?" The tagline of the now famous Southwest Airlines commercial accurately describes the feelings of many conference attendees I've spoken to about the locations and venues of their annual gatherings, tradeshows, meetings and conventions
The Importance of Heritage Tourism
Published: 1-Dec-2008

Until the latter stages of the 20th century, African-American history and culture had been scrubbed from the historical record with the fine precision of a surgeon with a scalpel ridding the body of cancer
Passing the Diversity Litmus Test
Published: 1-Dec-2008

A river of tears moistened my cheeks and neck. The flood continued downward to my shirt collar, which was now absorbing the emotion pouring from my eyes like a brand new sponge
Be Prepared Just In Case The Deal Goes Sour: The Fine Art of Exit Clauses
Published: 1-Dec-2008

The nuances of exit clauses can be somewhat dicey, so lets start with a true story to better illustrate the complexity of such clauses. Many of you might be familiar with this particular case