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Il Borro Offers Revolutionary Spa Treatments Utilizing Ingredients Grown On-Site

La Corte Spa Offers Tuscan Pampering With Unusual Treatments,
Giving Guests an Experience They Will Never Forget

La Corte Spa Wellness & Beauty provides a sanctuary of calm and rejuvenation, far from the hustle and bustle of Florence, only miles away. Offering exclusive treatments devoted to the wellbeing of its guests, La Corte offers an array of soothing treatments that provide visible and surprising results. The treatments for the face and body utilize natural products of extremely high quality, with ingredients grown right on-site at the estate, such as grape extracts and olive oil.

A variety of holistic treatments found at the spa are used to improve the appearance of the body and relax the mind. Said offerings include smoothing exfoliants for dry and sensitive skin; dermocosmetics or “Mineral Suspensions” using bioactive volcanic minerals, and thalassotherapy, a body treatment using “fucus” and “laminaria” (types of seaweed) that are directed at stimulating cellular metabolism, resulting in a slimming, anti-cellulite action.

Setting La Corte apart from other luxury spas are the interesting treatments available using natural and organic products, found right on the property. OlivOil (olive oil treatments), a genuine beauty experience that quenches thirsty, dry skin, thanks to the natural oil gathered from around the estate. Vinotherapy, uses substances found in grapes and grape seeds that in a synergic approach, play an important role in bodily care and the treatment of skin blemishes, allowing for an invigorating skin treatment. The combination of western and eastern treatments guarantees quality and a superior sensorial experience.

Guests can choose from an array of massage techniques, including; Swedish, Californian or Esalen Massage, aesthetic shaping massage, physiotherapeutic massage, and a 7th chakra massage. Il Borro also has beauty amenities such as hair care, manicures and pedicures available to the guests. For those looking for a vacation focusing on wellness, Il Borro offers a variety of packages that can be booked by calling the estate directly.

  • Wellness Holidays — Two or four day programs focusing on beauty and fitness. The packages include the chosen spa itinerary, accommodation and lunches. The different packages to choose from include the Spa & Detox, which is a detoxifying program, complete with a personal trainer, the Spa & Slimming package, which comes complete with a nutritionist, and the Spa & Anti-Age package, which focuses on anti-aging using antioxidants. Rates for this package start at $1,190.
  • The Last Minute — Smart Bookings are packages including accommodation, like many of the packages above. All the offers with accommodation are intended for a minimum of two people. These packages include; Il Borro Beauty & Wellness, two or four days focusing on beauty and wellness, the Il Borro Beauty & Relaxation for Two, a program for couples, Ayurveda (holistic wellness), an intensive balance program, and the La Corte Quick Wellness, a one night special offer for weekends, including accommodations and unlimited access to the spa. Rates for this package start at $181.

About Il Borro:
Located in the Tuscan countryside, less than 40 miles southeast of Florence, is one of Italy’s most stunning travel properties, featuring 30 ultra-luxurious accommodations including villas and suites, a world class vineyard, legendary culinary program, renowned spa, and activities sure to please even the most discerning jetsetter. Purchased in 1993 from the Ferragamo family, the family-owned estate underwent a large renovation process, mixing old-world Tuscan elegance with modern amenities for what is now the present day property. To make a reservation please call or visit