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Travel Fitness: The Guide To The Healthy Jet Life

Carl Germano, Celebrity Nutritionist Improving Traveling Tips

As the holiday season kicks into full gear, the fun and exciting time of family and business travel will take center stage. Staying fit may be one of the last things to cross your mind when booking a vacation or a business trip but it should definitely not be forgotten. While a vacation should include some breaks from your diet, to throw all of your hard work away would be a major mistake considering the food intake for the next few months.

Step one: make sure your destination includes a gym or health club. While it is not needed to exercise, it will go a long way to keep you motivated. Celebrity Nutritionist Carl Germano searched world hotels for the best experience in a gym. Langham Place in Hong Kong made the top of his list. The health club is on the 41st floor giving you the feeling of being on top of the world while working out. From the airy modern cardio room you look out on a sea of neon and the throb of humanity in the Mongkok district.

In most cases the actual traveling can be the most difficult part. It is important to keep yourself moving and comfortable at the same time while in a car or sitting on a plane. Germano’s best tips for airplane travel include noise canceling headphones to make sure you get rest. Also while you are awake, move around. Even if it’s a quick walk up and down the aisle, it will be much better than not moving over an extensive period of time.

Germano also recommends having a great pillow on board or in a car. The “TravelRest” pillow should take care of that. While eating healthy is the most important part of any diet, it is vacation, so enjoy yourself. But not too much! We have reached the most popular airport restaurants. Beating everyone out was Custom Burgers by Pat LaFrieda, which is located in Laguardia Airport (NY). LaFrieda gives you the same meat you'd get at the sit-down Prime Tavern for a lot less dough, along with amazing milkshakes from the local Ronnybrook Dairy. They have created the perfect “On-The-Go” burger.

When you get to your hotel room, it’s time to get a real workout in. Obviously, if the hotel has a gym, use it but if not, no worries, we’ve put together a quick and simple workout that will keep your body on point while taking a break form reality. This 20-minute super set workout with no breaks in between will have you in a bikini or shirtless about 80% of your vacation , it’s designed to shred you up while burning fat at the same time.

Skiing Wall Squat
Repetitions: 5 Rest: 30 Seconds Sets: 2
Lean against a wall, with your feet 18 to 24 inches away from it and shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly and hold that position for 5 to 10 seconds. Bend deeper and hold. Repeat until you've hit five different positions; go as low as you can.

Boot Slappers

Repetitions: 8 Rest: 30 Seconds Sets: 2
Stand with your legs slightly wider than shoulder-width, squat down, slap the sides of your ankles, and then stand back up. Repeat 10 to 20 times.

Shadow Boxing

Repetitions: 50 Punches Rest: 1 Minute Sets: 2
Throw punches while bobbing on your feet like a boxer: 10 right jabs, 10 left hooks, 10 right hooks, 10 left uppercuts, 10 right uppercuts.

Diamond Pushup

Repetitions: 10-12 Rest: 30 Seconds Sets: 2
Get into traditional pushup position, but place your hands directly under your chest with your index fingers and thumbs spread and touching; that's the diamond. Keep your back flat throughout the movement. Lower your body until your chest nearly touches your hands. Pause, and then push your body back up to the starting position.

Reaching Lunge
Repetitions: 6-8 each leg Rest: 30 Seconds Sets: 2
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. In one motion, take a lunging step forward as far as you can with your left foot and reach forward with both hands to touch the floor in front of you. Quickly reverse the motion to return to the starting position, then switch legs.

Bench/Chair Dip

Repetitions: 10-12 Rest: 30 Seconds Sets: 2
Place your hands behind you on the edge of a bench or chair and your feet on another bench or chair (or the floor) a few feet in front of you. Lower your body until your upper arms are nearly parallel to the floor. Pause, then press back to the starting position.

Carl Germano, Chief Science Officer of SURGEX, is a registered, certified clinical nutritionist appointed as Chief Science Officer for Inergetics. With over 27 years of experience using innovative, complementary nutritional therapies in private practice, he has dedicated his efforts to research and product development for the dietary supplement and medical foods industries, where he has been instrumental in bringing unique nutritional substances and formulations to the health/dietary supplement industry.

SURGEX is a clinically studied performance-enhancing formula designed to improve athletic performance through optimized recovery. This FDA submitted formula combines a blend of extended release proteins, anti-oxidants, and amino acids that meet the multi-nutritional needs of strength, speed, and endurance athletes.

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