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Healthy living is a way of life that many seek to experience and practice on a regular basis in today’s often hectic and demanding world. For those looking to slow down a bit and experience inner peace, then the Shasta Cascade region is a great place to do just that. Many of the majestic mountains, along with the spring water found throughout the region are said to have special powers and qualities by local Native Americans. One of the more dominant mountains in the area known as Mount Shasta is known to have a powerful spiritual energy vortex, which many visitors from around the world travel here to experience.

There are a variety of guide services that offer visitors a chance to explore the great outdoors, while exploring their inner beings as well. Shasta Vortex Adventures offers guided hikes that help people rekindle their relationship they have with the most important person – themselves. The guides can lead visitors on a variety of experiences including excursions up to 9,000 ft. in elevation on Mount Shasta, guided vision quests, sacred site treks, and more. The Shasta Abbey Buddhist Monastery, nestled in the quiet woods in Mount Shasta, makes for an ideal place for those in need of relaxation. The monastery offers tours by appointment, as well as overnight and extended stays. The Abbey of New Clairvaux near Vina, offers visitors a peaceful getaway, while encouraging a quiet atmosphere for personal reflection. Visitors are welcome to stay overnight in one of their guest rooms, or stop by for the day to walk the grounds and taste wines made by the monks. There’s great hiking and backpacking, where individuals can experience peace and solitude, such as Lassen Peak, and the Trinity Alps. Others include National and State Parks found in the area that represent a piece of the American soul.

The Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association is a non-profit organization seeking to promote economic development through recreation and tourism in Butte, Lassen, Plumas, Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama, Modoc, and Trinity Counties. For a free copy of the 64-page visitor’s guide call (800) 4SHASTA (474-2782) or visit to download an electronic version.
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