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Exclusive Maui Destinations Scheduled To Open November 11,2011

SoulSpace Sanctuary
, Maui’s newest exclusive destination focusing on the authentic essence and healing energy of the island, is scheduled to open on Maui, Hawaii, on November 11, 2011. The announcement was made by Xorin Balbes, founder and owner of SoulSpace Sanctuary.

The six-acre gated compound on Maui’s North Shore, two miles above Paia, is a welcome addition to Maui where new accommodations are rare. The property, which was originally built in 1909, consists of five restored historic buildings and features 28 guest rooms, suites and bungalows. The entire facility has been enhanced with modern amenities to provide a unique and peaceful environment for rejuvenation, restoration and self-discovery. SoulSpace Sanctuary guest rooms, suites and bungalows offer a mixture of casual elegance and classic neo-colonial architecture, providing an exquisite blend of natural elements and materials with a collection of antiques from around the world. To encourage camaraderie among travelers and participation in the numerous activities, all rooms are free of televisions, however wireless Internet is available throughout on a complimentary basis. Our staff will assist our guests in scheduling appointments with the most evolved providers of well being treatments and programs on Maui.

According to Balbes, “SoulSpace Sanctuary is the realization of my lifelong dream of creating an intimate environment where guests feel instantly welcomed on a deep and soulful level – arriving at a place that instantly feels like home – a place where guests can’t wait to return. An environment where guests experience the combination of beautiful design, authentic architecture, organic gardens supplying our highest quality farm-to-table restaurant – all steeped in ancient Hawaiian tradition. A place where our guests can deeply feel the magic of Aloha.”

Built on the sacred slopes of Haleakala, yet only five minutes to the best beaches on the North Shore, SoulSpace will provide guests an experience that cannot be found in any other place on Maui. Guests may choose to participate in sunrise and sunset meditations, enjoy the organic gardens, eat in the Maui farm-to-table dining room, and find their own private respite on the six-acre property. Popular nearby ocean activities include surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing – and the iconic Hawaiian sport, paddle boarding.

Given its beauty and tranquil setting, SoulSpace is delightfully accessible and conveniently located only a 15-minute drive from the Maui airport. The Sanctuary Experience is complemented by our guest-only dining room, Harvest, which features local organic fare, perfectly created by acclaimed Executive Chef Craig King. He has been at the forefront of the healthy food revolution for more than 20 years. As the personal chef for some of the best-known names in the natural food business (Steve Demos, White Wave/Silk; John Mackey, Whole Foods; Michael Gilliland/Libby Cook, Wild Oats), as well as notable Hollywood stars, Chef Craig brings to SoulSpace Sanctuary a deep understanding of the healing qualities of food to support our evolution.

Owner Xorin Balbes created an environment within the soothing natural tranquility of Maui where people can ‘unplug’ by focusing their attention inwardly and onto feeling authentically whole – a very different way to live than the all-too-common, hectic modern lifestyle. Guests will restore their mental and physical energies – leaving recalibrated and in a rejuvenated, natural state of being.

SoulSpace Sanctuary is open to individual bookings as well as small groups with rates starting at $399 plus tax for an Island View Guestroom and $499 plus tax for a one-bedroom suite. For more information, please visit, email Experience@SoulSpaceSanctuary or call (808) 579-8877.