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Top 10 Tips For Yor Best Business Trip Corporate Veteran And Travel Expert Jan Kaplan Offers Advice

It doesn't matter whether you are taking a trip for business or pleasure, traveling can be frustrating, uncomfortable and downright irritating.  Punctuality and presentability are always important but when you are traveling for professional reasons you have to be on your A game at all times - no matter what roadblocks you hit along the way.  Lifestyle expert and founder of Corporate Concierge Solutions, Jan Kaplan, has some tips on how to make your journey as easy, effective and enjoyable as possible.  Kaplan has 25+ years of experience planning and booking business trips for senior executives at international corporations like CB Richard Ellis and Cushman & Wakefield - it's safe to say she seen (and handled) it all.  Follow these time-tested tips and you will be on your way to the best business trip you could ever imagine:

1.Pack The Power: Always pack a small power strip cord. There are never enough outlets in the hotel room for your Cell Phone, iPad, Laptop, iPod etc. Keeping everything plugged into one location in the room means you are less likely to forget anything when you are packing to leave.   

2.Tip Twice: Tip the housekeeper at the beginning and end of your stay.  It will come in handy when you need an extra blanket, a new toothbrush or anything else extra that may come up during your stay.

3.Keep A Copy: When traveling abroad keep a copy of the front page of your passport with your travel documents.  Scan a copy into your phone as an extra back up.

4.Purchase A Pass: buy a day pass at your airline's airport lounge. It's always well worth it - especially when you are traveling internationally, at odd hours or if your flight gets delayed. They all have WiFi, comfortable seating areas, TV's and some even have showers.

5. Shake Up The Conference Room:  Suggest holding a meeting somewhere new. Instead of being indoors in an office, check out the local botanical gardens, museums with small private rooms with windows.  You will get noticed for thinking outside the box and new surroundings always spark new ideas.

6.Back Up Your Business Card Supply: Make sure you have them everywhere: in your briefcase, luggage, carry on, purse etc.  You never know when you might need one and they are the one thing travelers usually forget to pack.

7.Trust The Guru: When traveling by plane, use - it really does tell you which seats are best on each aircraft (which is handy since all of them are configured slightly differently.)

8.Keep Your Bank In The Loop: Let your bank and your credit card company know you are traveling.  Today's banks are on top of things and can flag and freeze your account if there are ANY transactions out of the ordinary (even something as small as a cup of coffee at an out of state Starbucks.)

9. Tag It Right: Never put your home address on a luggage tag - always use your business card.  

10.Don't Get Caught In The Rain: Pack a small collapsible umbrella and pack it in an easy-to-get-to side pocket - you will need it when you least expect it and won't want to dig through your luggage to find it.

There's An App for That: Tripit is the best travel application out there. It consolidates every element of your trip, and updates information as needed.

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