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Translate Signs In Foreign Languages Instantly By Taking Photo With Your Mobile Phone

LinguaSys Launches TGPhoto Translation Application for Android and
Blackberry Devices - Available Soon for iPhone

TGPhoto was launched today by LinguaSys, Inc., a next generation Machine Translation (MT) company, enabling users to photograph foreign signs on Android and Blackberry devices and get instant translation. The TGPhoto translation application can be downloaded through the Android Marketplace for a one-time fee of $12.99, and will soon be released for iPhones. "TGPhoto was designed to help travelers and business people all over the world, who are bombarded by foreign language signs at the airport, in town, restaurants, in taxis and almost everywhere they turn," said Brian Garr, CEO of LinguaSys. "TGPhoto turns 'foreign to me' into 'now I see' and makes a great affordable gift for globetrotters."

Using the TGPhoto application on an Android device, users fill the screen with as much foreign text as possible, touch the shutter button and view the translation seconds later. The display shows both the original text and the translation. Users set source and target languages for the text to be photographed. TGPhoto uniquely translates over 50 languages on any Android device with a built-in camera, using Android 2.1 or above. The Blackberry version requires Blackberry 5.0 or greater. TGPhoto is easy to use, activates a phone's existing photo flash for higher resolution and is server-based for higher quality. Enterprises can attach TGPhoto to in-house customized Machine Translation servers and control data and content.

LinguaSys recently launched TGMobile, the first multilingual private mobile chat room application for Android clients, offering multiple languages in a single chat room, scalability up to 500 users per room, personal translation options and in-house control of data and content in the enterprise version.

LinguaSys is an international language translation software company that develops enterprise MT languages based on Carabao MT technology and the TG line of MT client and server-based products. LinguaSys offers a suite of mobile translation applications. With over 30 years of combined MT executive experience between its three founders, LinguaSys is well-positioned to understand the needs of enterprise and retail users of Machine Translation. LinguaSys' main office is located at the Technology Business Incubator at Florida Atlantic Research & Development Park.

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