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On Call International Offers Top Five Tips For Safe Travels Abroad

Travel Assistance Company Evacuated More Than 300 Passengers from Egypt

As a result of the political crisis in Egypt, travel and medical assistance company On Call International has successfully evacuated more than 300 customers, including a mix of students, business and leisure travelers, from Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor, Egypt.  “We were successful in rounding up our customers stranded in various locations throughout Egypt and providing them with safe and secure ground transport through, what is essentially, a war zone to the airports and on their way back to the U.S.,” said Michael J. Kelly, president and CEO of On Call International. “The crisis in Egypt reminds us how important it is to take precaution and prepare for what could go wrong while traveling abroad.”

Planning ahead is crucial to making sure a trip goes smoothly, and that any emergency can be handled immediately and effectively. On Call International – the industry leader in the medical and travel assistance field – offers some of its top tips for individuals traveling abroad.
  1. Stay Tuned & Connected – When taking a big trip, it is important to be aware of travel alerts and travel news from events around the world. Review travel updates prior to booking or departing on your upcoming vacation. Be aware of new security guidelines, political and security warnings and major weather conditions. Stay connected with your smartphone by checking Twitter and news outlets for breaking news updates.
  2. Bring Your Documents – Always bring copies of your contact information, passport, and other travel documents in the event yours are lost. Keep a copy in a safe location other than your luggage and leave one with loved ones at home. If you have a smartphone, scan your passport and keep an electronic file on hand.
  3. Pack Smart – Be sure to pack enough supply of your current medications in their original containers, properly labeled, and bring along an extra pair of contacts or glasses. Keep any essential medications in your carryon to avoid missing doses if your checked luggage is delayed or lost. If you or your family member has special dietary requirements, or a medical condition, pack extra food in case of any delays, which are all too common today.
  4. Plan Ahead – Call your hotel or resort ahead to determine if reservations are available for special accommodations that you or your traveling companions may require. When traveling internationally, it is important to know the correct etiquette in your destination and the water/food situation to avoid anything that might make you sick. Do some research ahead of time to ensure that you will adhere to and respect all customs.
  5. Protect Against Problems – Whether you are traveling 50 or 5,000 miles from home, there is always a possibility that you'll get sick. Purchasing a membership from a travel and medical emergency assistance company like On Call International before you leave will help eliminate your worries. Travelers can purchase a single-time trip or annual membership which include medical and travel assistance services like a 24-hour nurse helpline, emergency medical transportation, 24/7 emergency travel arrangements, worldwide legal assistance and more.
About On Call International
On Call International is a leading provider of customized medical, security and travel assistance for international business and leisure travelers, as well as expatriates, students and others traveling away from home. Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, On Call International’s experienced, multi-lingual team of Assistance Coordinators and in-house Medical Director specializes in delivering life-determining aid during medical emergencies from any point on the globe as well as coordination of transportation home after accidents or illnesses. Available to assist more than ten million travelers, the U.S.-owned and trained company serves the travel, education, insurance and maritime industries. On Call International is the U.S. member of the International Assistance Group., a 32-partner global network of independent assistance companies, including more than 50 alarm centers.

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