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Trip Advisor Reveals World's Worst Pickpocket Destinations

Beware in Barcelona and Look Out in London

TripAdvisor®, the world's largest travel site*, recently revealed the world's worst tourist destinations for pickpocketing. For the second year running Barcelona tops the TripAdvisor Pickpocket Index and London enters the top ten for the first time. The 2010 Pickpocket Index is based solely on TripAdvisor site data calculating the number of times travelers use the term pickpocket (and translations of) in their TripAdvisor reviews in the last 12 months.

European Cities Run Off With ALL Ten Spots
All ten spots in this year's TripAdvisor Pickpocket Index are snatched by European cities – with the top two places unchanged from last year.
Global Pickpocket Top Ten (2009 place in brackets)
1. Barcelona, Spain (1)
2. Rome, Italy (2)
3. Paris, France (5)
4. Madrid, Spain (-)
5. Athens, Greece (9)
6. Prague, Czech Republic (3)
7. Costa Brava (Alicante Province), Spain (-)
8. Lisbon, Portugal (-)
9. Tenerife, Spain (-)
10. London, England (-)

"All these destinations offer a great experience for travelers and [vacationers] should not be put off visiting. This Index simply reinforces that extra care should be taken, especially in the busier tourist areas. By taking some simple precautions you'll be able to enjoy a fun and hassle-free holiday wherever you go," explains TripAdvisor's Emma O'Boyle.

Look Out in London
A new entry this year in the TripAdvisor Pickpocket Index is London, in the number ten spot. With over 26 million tourists visiting the capital each year it is perhaps not surprising that pickpockets view its busy tourist hubs as prime hunting grounds. "London was crowned the most exciting city in Europe in the recent TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Destination Awards and while the vast majority of visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience the Index shows that London must be on its guard," continued TripAdvisor's Emma O'Boyle.

TripAdvisor's Top Tips To Avoid Being Pickpocketed
  • Maintain vigilance, especially in crowded tourist areas and on public transport.
  • Avoid letting others see where you keep your money – be as inconspicuous as possible when paying for things.
  • Keep all valuables on your person and close to you at all times, preferably in front of your body. Wear your backpack under your arm rather than on your back.
  • If you must carry a purse or bag, choose one that you can carry across your chest.
  • Store money and credit cards in a money belt around your waist or neck.
  • Place the strap of a purse or backpack under your chair leg to deter pickpockets while you are seated at a restaurant. Never leave a bag hanging on back of your chair.
  • Leave anything you don't need (ie. passports, tickets) locked in your hotel safe. Take only one credit card and a small amount of cash out each day.
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