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Top Travel Tips For The Hectic Holiday Season

Ten Things Travelers Should Know When Traveling During the Holidays

Travel experts are predicting holiday travel numbers to be down this season , with available airline seats down 5% this year, but don’t be caught off guard, travelers will still be greeted with crowds and presented with some unique challenges. Undercover Tourist, the leading supplier of online discount tickets to major attractions in the United States, has some useful tips for those who plan to travel over the holidays.

“Large crowds, bad weather and a number of other factors can make holiday travel particularly difficult,” said Ian Ford, travel expert and president, Undercover Tourist. “As tricky as it can be, there are a number of measures people can take, such as checking in online with their specific airline 24 hours before their flight, in order to make their travel as quick and enjoyable, as possible.” As many people travel with gifts during the holiday season, Ford suggests travelers either ship gifts prior to leaving or, if they do bring them on their trip, keep the gifts unwrapped since security is tighter during the holidays and gift wrapping will likely be removed by airport security. Ford also encourages travelers to pack a spare bag so they are prepared for the extra items which most acquire during their holiday trip. He also says travelers should be sure to check and airline websites as rules and restrictions change constantly.

Poor weather usually looms over the holiday season. Though a “white Christmas” may be great when you get to your destination, it can cause problems when traveling. To mitigate the problems bad weather can cause, Ford suggests travelers do all they can to plan ahead. Avoiding areas prone to poor weather, if possible, is usually a good start. However, if traveling to these areas is a must, booking either a non-stop flight or flights that leave plenty of time for delays is a wise decision. Packing a cell phone charger in a carry-on can keep a person in contact with family etc. during long delays. Ford also recommends travelers pack light to avoid baggage charges.

Taking a holiday cruise has become a popular way for many to enjoy the season. Ford recommends travelers consider cruises that embark either the week before or after the holidays as rates for these periods are normally 50% less than they are during the actual holidays. If a cruise during the holidays is a must, checking regularly for decreasing rates even after final payment as many cruise lines are offering refunds if the price of a cruise drops. Whether travelers are looking to take a cruise or find another destination for their holiday vacation, Ford says that travelers, especially those with children, should take everyone into consideration when planning holiday trips and not just the kids.

“This should be a trip everyone enjoys. There are destinations all over the world that can be just as much fun for parents as it is for their kids,” continued Ford. “We have found that is why Disney World continues to be one of the most popular destinations for holiday travelers – it’s got a little something for everyone.” With over 1,500 Christmas trees, 11 miles of garland, 3,000 wreaths and 96 miles of environmentally friendly LED bulbs on display throughout the park, the Walt Disney World Resort certainly goes the extra mile to give the park a holiday feel. Travelers have certainly noticed with thousands flocking to the park every year consuming 30,769 turkey legs, 6,192 pounds of popcorn and 50,000 Mickey Mouse ice cream bars over the holidays. As a leading online broker for tickets to Disney World, Undercover Tourist has become a popular destination of its own during the holidays, with over 3,500,000 admissions sold to the popular theme park.

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