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Nicole Lyons' First African-American Female Race Car Driver

Nicole Lyons
is fueled by the same horsepower that ignites the cars she races. Although Lyons is only 5’6”, her exotic beauty, spirited personality and kinetic intensity make her seem larger than life. However, those that learn about this multi-faceted athlete are amazed, while she carves a niche for herself as one of the world’s premier female professional racecar drivers. As Lyons continues to fulfill her dreams, she has already created history, as the first African-American female to race professionally in NHRA Pro Mod, Top Sportsman & Comp. Eliminator.

Competing in the NHRA Top Sportsman Division 7 and Division 2, Lyons’ 2010 race schedule consisted of 24 competitions that established her as the only female racer to qualify and go several rounds in those NHRA Top Sportsman divisions. Lyons moved up in NHRA Top Sportsman from a 565-1100 horsepower engine to a 665-1500 horsepower engine; which has propelled her from a seven second car, to a six second car—racing in a quarter mile. Lyons is the first and the only woman racing in NHRA D7 & D2 Top Sportsman.

Last October, Lyons was invited to the prestigious 2010 Orlando World Street Nationals, to compete in the fastest most coveted class; Pro Street. Lyons was the only woman to solidly qualify and compete in Pro Street, which allowed fans to acknowledge her professional, competitive — yet aggressive skill set.

Recognizing that the majority of racing headquarters are based in the southern United States, Lyons took note and loaded up her car and crew and moved to Atlanta, Georgia in the spring of 2010. Her plans were pro-active: race NHRA Pro Mod and be formally introduced to the NASCAR racing leagues. After ending her NHRA season in November 2010, the ambitious Lyons began testing her 1969 Pro Mod Camaro, which demonstrated phenomenal results with over 3,500 horsepower going 5 seconds in the quarter mile at 235 miles per hour. These test results captured the eye of NHRA Get Screened America Pro Mod president Roger Burgess who owns the prestigious racing team of R2B2 who has a turbo pro mod for Nicole to drive giving her an anticipated edge over her competitors for the 2011/2012 pro mod racing season.

In May of 2011 Lyons, in only her 3rd NHRA D2 Top Sportsman event, had a semi final finish coming in 4th out of 25 competitors making Lyons the first woman to have a semi final finish. In addition, Lyons serves as chief executive officer and president of Cole Muscle Cars, an engine building and muscle car restoration company that she branded alongside her husband Damion and late father Jack Davis. Lyons plans to open a new division in Atlanta to resemble the likes of her famed Los Angeles shop, which is known for its superior engines. Cole Muscle Cars has garnered major attention in the automotive world, as “the most powerful of its kind” by the Daily News, Chevy Rumble and Garage Magazine.

Off the track, Lyons was selected to be on FOX’s new highly anticipated reality series " CAR WARRIORS." Lyons participated as a lead character in all the episodes as a part of the All-Star team. The intense reality show first aired on February 25, 2011, on the Speed Channel and is currently still airing new episodes every Wednesday night at 9pm EST. “CAR WARRIORS” is a car restoration competition and Lyons breaks down barriers and stereotypes as the team’s engine specialist. Aside from television, Lyons most recently made the highly prestigious list of the “10 Hottest Women in Drag Racing,” according to Drag Illustrated Magazine (January 2011 issue).

So how did this all start? At the tender age of two, Lyons’ father Jack, a famed street racer, took her speeding down a drag strip. The toddler’s response was a scream of delight and once Jack realized that she wanted to go again, he knew his daughter would be a chip off the old block. After that, the two were inseparable as the young Lyons traveled with her father to hundreds of street and drag race meets. When Jack passed away in February of 2005, Lyons lost her mentor and best friend. Faced with tough decisions, she decided to proceed along the path that she and her father had envisioned for her– pursuing a career in motorsports. At that time, Lyons never would have imagined that she would one day become the first African-American woman in the world coveted classes of NHRA Pro Mod, Top Sportsman & Comp Eliminator. Lyons is honored and humbled to be the first woman to race NHRA D7 & D2 Top Sportsman.  With an overflow of talent, beauty, athleticism and determination, Nicole Lyons is as amazing and unstoppable in life, as she is on the track. Visit Nicole Lyons Online: at or
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