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American Tennis Association On The Move

The American Tennis Association (ATA) has embarked upon some exciting changes since the return of Albert Tucker as executive director in October. According to Tucker, “I have been working diligently with our Board of Directors to develop a strategic plan of action that will rebrand the ATA and grow the game of tennis in urban communities across America. Over the next two years, the ATA will focus on our new exCEED initiative,” he explains.  The four core components of exCEED are as follows, Tucker continues.

– Increased communication with our members, clubs, and sections. We have totally revamped the ATA web site. Please check it out at

Education through a targeted Tennis On Campus Program
– The ATA is working with the USTA’s Tennis on Campus Program (TOC) to increase its visibility at Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU’s). The TOC will include a comprehensive tennis program and a curriculum that focuses on black tennis history based upon the Breaking the Barriers Exhibit.

Exposure through the 10 and Under Tennis Program
– The ATA will be hosting a 10 and Under Program prior to the start of our 94th Annual National Championships. Plans are in the works to incorporate this as the kick off of all National Championships. Additionally, several of our ATA Member Sections and Clubs will be working to expose a new wave of 10 and Under players in their respective cities.

Development – Youth Player development through various ATA workshops and Junior Tennis Programs so that we can increase the number of competitive young players. Our goal is to provide greater opportunities for kids of color to reach the Professional Ranks by providing a pipeline for development.

“Our 94th Annual National Championships will return to Atlanta, July 31-August 6th. Please visit our web site to learn more about the Championships and the exciting activities we have planned for the week.

The American Tennis Association, founded in 19016, is the oldest African-American sports organization in the United States. The ATRA was formed by a group of African-American businessmen, college professors, and physicians who yearned for and enjoyed the camaraderie and competition that the sport of tennis offered. For more information, please feel free to contact Tucker at (954) 830-2019.
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