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Need Help Planning Your Next Reunion In Jackson?
The Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau Provides
Complete Source for Planning a Reunion

Are you in charge of directing the next family reunion or coordinating your 20-year high school celebration in Jackson? Let the Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau (JCVB) take the burden off your shoulders and provide the professional expertise to make your reunion a successful one. “Reunions are more than just get-togethers,” says Wanda Wilson, CEO and President of the JCVB. “Reunions are special times for families, military veterans and high school or college friends to celebrate the past and make more great present memories. That’s why we take pride in making each reunion the best that it can be: after all, people are not just going to a reunion, but they are literally coming home.”

The Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau makes coming home everything it should be and more. They offer complimentary services for your group such as:
  • Letters from the Governor and Mayor
  • Canvassing hotels and motels for available rooms if your overnight room request is for more than 50 rooms per night
  • Coordinating tours for your program
  • Brochures for your information table (if 50 percent of the numbers of rooms are reserved)
  • Complimentary Jackson lapel pins, brochures and log bags
“Reunions allow us to reaffirm the significance of who we’ve known and what we’ve done, and to celebrate with joy our coming together again,” said Wilson. “We are here to help from choosing the right hotel location for your group’s stay to creating a family reunion theme, let us do the work for you. “ The JCVB can specialize your group’s itinerary or simply show you around the City with Soul. Their professional staff can assist your group with planning a tour of the City with Soul or creating a group itinerary. Let us do the work for you. Come see first hand why so many are choosing Jackson as their upcoming reunion location.

To find out how the Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau can help you plan your upcoming reunion, contact Judy Bardin at the Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau at (601) 960-1891 or email, or download the bureau’s Reunion Resource Guide at
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