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Vaya Adventures Announces South American Grand Tour, Reimagined - Visiting Five Countries in 31 Days

Vaya Adventures (, the expert in designing premier bespoke vacations in South America, announces its new South American Grand Tour encompassing five countries in 31 days.

"The Grand Tour concept, popular for so long in Europe, is a response to travelers seeking longer explorations of new destinations," said Jim Lutz, Vaya Adventures' founder. His company has expertise in diverse regions and cities throughout South America. "South America with its numerous and unique highlights is a great option for a Grand Tour. Once our travelers have decided on a destination in South America, they start think about maximizing their time and money by extending their itineraries."

The South American Grand Tour, Reimagined requires just a minimum of two travelers who can get away for 31 days of vacation sometime between September and April. Start dates are flexible. The per person rate starting at $17,500 includes all accommodations in top quality boutique hotels and on small yachts, transfers, some meals, guide services, excursions and entrance fees. Itineraries can be customized and adjusted to interests, dates and budget. See:

This private, intimate month-long journey through South America begins in the Andean capital of Quito, Ecuador, before a small-ship wildlife cruise through the Galapagos Islands. Guests then explore Peru's ancient ruins, en route savoring the country's world-renowned cuisine. They walk through Santiago, Chile, and hike the vast wilderness of Patagonia, ice trek in Glaciares National Park and catch the vibes of Buenos Aires, cooling off in the spray of Iguazu Falls before shaking to the samba in Rio de Janeiro.

"Guests are welcome to venture from our carefully-crafted itinerary," said Lutz.  "As with all of Vaya's trips, the experience can be customized to individual dreams and desires. There's something about really escaping over a longer period of time, to really leave your own world behind for more than a just a crazy week. You discover what the joy of travel is all about.  With our clients, longer, more involved, multi-country itineraries are in high demand."

If travelers would like to tack on another week or more, Vaya has the add-on options. Additional and alternative excursions are available in nearly all destinations. These included but are not limited to hiking and trekking, biking, horseback riding, culinary tours and cooking classes, visits to ruins and historical sites, and more.

A side trip to the Amazon jungle in Ecuador, Peru or Brazil may include a stay at a remote rainforest lodge, or guests may cruise along the Amazon River and its tributaries. Other options may include a few nights at Lake Titicaca, the world's highest navigable body of water and home to a fascinating reed island culture. Intrepid adventurers can spend a few days in Uruguay, an easy trip from Buenos Aires. Ecuador's highlands and haciendas and lush Avenue of the Volcanoes, Chile's lake district or wine country, the sweeping vistas of Argentina's northwest and Brazil's wild Pantanal are all available options and extensions to consider. For more information, trip planning, availability and reservations please visit: or call (800) 548-8487.
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