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Steppes Travel New Tour Of Earth's Wildest Frontier: Papua New Guinea

Cannibalism and Cargo Cults, Skull Caves and Spirit Houses, Wigmen and Asaro Mudmen -
For Those With a Taste For The Exotic, it Really Doesn't Get Much Better."  Recently Returned Steppes Consultant Alex Mudd

Steppes Travel, the bespoke tour operator known for its pioneering adventures, is one of the first companies to offer a new, 11-day journey to Papua New Guinea (PNG), exploring with an expert the extraordinary history, exotic wildlife and unique culture of the "Land of the Unexpected." Tours are limited and there are two departure dates for 2014 -- May 30 th and June 13 th. Rates for the 11-day trip start at US$9752 per person and US$1432 for a single supplement, excluding flights.

Alternatively, Steppes offers a tailor-made PNG adventure which will be handcrafted by the Steppes team.

Occupying the eastern half of New Guinea (the western half belongs to Indonesia) on the remote periphery of both Asia and Australia, PNG lies on a vast tropical island of torturous topography, tree-dwelling kangaroos, 850 separate languages, 1,000 different cultures and people addicted to the art of adornment. 

The tour takes in some of the wildest frontiers on Earth -- the coastal fjords of Tufi, the rugged Western Highlands, and New Britain, the main island of the Bismarck Archipelago. It is designed to give a few adventurous travelers access to pristine rainforest, roaring rivers, coral reefs, beaches and crystalline waters teeming with marine life, all making up what is deemed the most culturally diverse country on earth.

The very charismatic and knowledgeable Aussie, Ray Andrews, will lead the tour.  A native of tropical North Queensland, Andrews has a vast amount of experience, including roles as Resident Naturalist at a number of bush camps, working with indigenous Australians to create businesses and planting some 100,000 trees in regeneration of the Wet Tropics.  He has also appeared on television with Jeff Corwin and the late crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin.  He has deep knowledge of PNG, having guided extensively throughout the island.  Above all, he is hugely passionate about the natural world.


  •  Dive or snorkel the pristine waters of the Coral Triangle and dozens of ocean dive sites in the blue waters of the Solomon Sea, the calm waters of the tropical fjords, and explore wreck and muck dives. 
  • Paddle traditional outrigger canoes up tropical fjords
  • Climb an active volcano. There is no more dramatic place to do this -- PNG is home to one of the most active volcanic regions on the planet.


  • Go in search of the spectacular Birds of Paradise. Of the 43 known species on earth, 38 are found here, including the Superb, the Twelve-wired, and the Ribbon-tailed Astrapia.  The island is also inhabited by the beautiful rainbow bee-eater, the striking palm cockatoo and the prehistoric cassowary. 
  • See bizarre Tree Kangaroos, a myriad of other wildlife, and the highly-valued Megapode eggs, incubated by the large chicken-like birds who lay them in the volcano's heated soils.


  • The Indigenous people and unique fauna and flora of PNG are found nowhere else on earth.
  • See the colorful body adornment of the Huli wigmen, the ceremonial and decorative carvings of the Sepik, meet the Mudmen of New Guinea and the Baining Firedancers.
  •  Learn about the significance of sorcery and the part it has played - and continues to play - in the original animist religions, and discover ancient rituals, bush medicines, fire-making, mat-making and traditional tattooing.
  • Discover modern day PNG and politics Melanesian-style with a visit to Parliament House, one of the most distinctive government buildings anywhere in the world.   
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