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Remote Lodges Of The Falkland Islands

Escape to Some of the World’s Most Isolated Islands With Only Penguins, Albatrosses
and Other Local Wildlife as Your Neighbors

The Falkland Islands is one of the most pristine, unspoiled locations in the world. Travelers wanting to trade in butler service for access to hundreds of real “penguin suits” have a wide choice of unique lodging. These isolated settings guarantee the most up-close-and-personal experiences of the abundant wildlife that make the Falkland Islands home.

Here is a look at some of the area’s most remote island lodges within the 700-island archipelago:

SEA LION ISLANDSea Lion Lodge – Accessed by a 40-minute flight from the capital of Stanley, Sea Lion Lodge is the most southerly lodge hotel in the world. Designated a National Nature Reserve, Sea Lion Island measures only five miles long and one and half miles wide with a resident population of seven. The only lodging facility on the island, it features:
  • 13 rooms
  • Three daily meals made with locally grown produce
  • One of the best places for easy access to island wildlife, such as Elephant Seals, three types of breeding penguins, King Cormorants, and Sea Lions (of course)
  • One of the few places in the world to see Orca Whales feed

Farmhouse – This remote and tiny island on the northwestern part of the archipelago features a traditional farmhouse surrounded by sandy beaches, rolling hills and low cliffs with a multitude of sea and shore birds that either breed or feed on and around Carcass Island.
Visitors to the Farmhouse, which is about an hour’s flight from Stanley, are greeted by their hosts Rob and Lorraine McGill. Well-known for its warmth and hospitality, the Farmhouse also offers:
  • Accommodations for up to eight people – one double and two twin rooms with ensuite bathrooms.
  • Meals prepared with local, organically grown vegetables, dairy and meat products.
  • Up-close encounters with Gentoo and Magellanic Penguins, Elephant Seals, Short-Eared Owls, and Flightless Steamer Duck, Magellanic Oystercatcher, Rock Shag, Striated Caracara and Cobb’s Wren.
SAUNDERS ISLAND/THE NECK – This 30,000-acre island is about an hour’s flying time from Stanley. An active sheep farm, it is one of the Falklands’ supreme wildlife sites, with Gentoo, Rockhopper, Magellanic as well as King Penguins. And, from February through May, Orca Whales can also be seen offshore. One of the main attractions on this island is “The Neck” – a narrow sandy strip between two high parts of the island. About an hour’s drive from the island’s main settlement, this is one of the best places in the Falklands to truly get away from it all. The highlight here is the enormous breeding colonies of Rockhoppers, Cormorants, and Black-Browed Albatrosses, which need the steep cliffs and stiff northwesterly winds beneath Mount Richards to launch themselves into flight.

The only accommodation at The Neck is The Portakabin, which features two bedrooms, each equipped with bunk beds and a shared bathroom, and common kitchen area. Visitors can use the gas cookstove, but it is recommended that all supplies and food be purchased and brought in from Stanley.
Another option for those seeking a more isolated setting is the Rookery Inn – a modernized new two-bedroom cottage that overlooks the cliffs and albatross colonies
For those seeking something slightly less remote, options include:
  • The Main House and Stone Cottage – two houses in the main settlement on the island, which offer more modernized interiors that can accommodate 10 and six people respectively.

Cobb’s Cottage – A 30-minute flight from Stanley, Bleaker Island is located in the southeast of the archipelago. Privately owned and operated as an organic sheep and cattle farm, it is also home to many colonies of penguins, sea lions and other birds, including the rare flying steamer duck.

The accommodation here, Cobb’s Cottage, is new and can accommodate five guests. While many guests choose to do their own cooking, there are meals available along with a new barbeque. It is also probably one of the only places in the world where complimentary joint of lamb on arrival is available upon request!

WEDDELL ISLANDMountain View Cottage – The largest offshore island in the Falklands, Weddell Island is about an hour’s flight from Stanley and is the only place where visitors will see Patagonian foxes and reindeer. Guests will find a warm welcome at the Mountain View Cottage, which can accommodate up to seven guests and offers both fully catered or self-catering meal options.
Other wildlife here includes Gentoo and Magellanic Penguins and various bird species.

About the Falkland Islands
Situated in the South Atlantic, about 300 miles from South America, the Falklands archipelago is made up of over 700 islands. Offering raw and unspoiled nature, visitors to the Islands can see 227 species of identified birds (including several of the world’s largest endangered breeding colonies), as well as whales, dolphins, elephant seals, sea lions, delicate flora and rugged geographical formations.
The best time to visit the Islands and experience the local culture and wildlife is October to April. The average summer temperature (December to March) is 59Fº and the Falklands has more sunshine hours than the US. Visitors can travel to the Falklands on the weekly LAN Airways flight from Chile. For more information on travel to the Falkland Islands visit

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