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Great Outdoors
Moab, Utah, Year-Round Natural Playground, Welcomes Winter Recreationists With Moderate Temperatures And Host Of Adventures

From November to March visitors to Moab, UT, often find themselves in solitude and silence, at the same time enjoying off-season rates in one of the world's great natural playgrounds. 

Many of the outdoor experiences offered during warm weather months continue through winter, said Jamie Pearce, manager of the Moab Adventure Center.  "Think trail running and hiking, exploring Arches and Canyonlands National Parks by air or trail, Hummer safaris and touring by motor coach; or snowshoe, cross-country ski and back-country ski and snowmobiling in the La Sal Mountains rising some 12,000 ft. over Moab."

Several outfitters stay open year-round. La Sal Mountain Nordic Skiing & Hut Rentals arranges back-country ski tours and rustic accommodations for up to 10.  Located on Moab's main drag, Moab Adventure Center provides the following services year-round:

·Hummer tours -

·Arches tours -

·Horseback rides -

·Scenic Flights -

·Private/Custom Tours -

·Do-It-Yourself Jeep Rentals - 

The Gonzo Inn, Sunflower Hill B&B and Fairfield Inn & Suites Moab near Arches National Park offer a choice of lodging styles at off-season rates. Moab Adventure Center carries an inventory of outdoor gear, clothing and equipment in its downtown store location.

"Our team knows the ins and outs of the region's mountains, canyons and national parks and we can mix and match suggestions for both independent and guided activities to match visitor abilities, budgets and interests," said Pearce.

Moab Winter Calendar of Events (see:

·Feb 14, 2015: Moab Red Hot 33k/55k - A 55k & 33k trail race starting at Gemini Bridges and finishing at Poison Spider. Visit or call (719) 429-9501.

·Feb 27-Mar 1, 2015: Dogs on Course of North America - Agility Competition Dogs run courses with their handlers through obstacles like tunnels, jumps, weave poles. For more information call (970) 248-9516.

·Mar 9-10, 2015: Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour in Moab - The year's best films on Mountain Adventure and Culture. Please visit or call (435) 259-4859.

·Mar 14-17, 2015: Moab Skinny Tire Festival - Celebrating Life and the Sport of Road Cycling. Four days of exhilarating road cycling in the spectacular red rock canyons, arches and mountains of Moab, Utah. This event is a fundraiser for cancer survivors and research programs and directly benefits the Moab Cancer Treatment Center and regional cancer treatment programs. Please visit or call (435) 260-8889. 

Winter Climate / Weather in Moab, Utah

Temperatures are moderate, with daytime highs averaging 44°F in December, 43°F in January, 52°F in February and 63°F in March. There is little to no precipitation. The parks' scenery changes very little from season to season. Juniper trees stay green year-round. Cottonwood trees grow in the bottom of washes and lose their leaves. The main attractions - the red sandstone formations - take on a richer hue in moist conditions and transform themselves when flocked with snow. Heavy snowfall is uncommon. Winter storms occur occasionally and they typically drop rain or light snow. Snow usually melts quickly in sunny areas but may accumulate in shady spots and turn to ice. Winter hikers need to be prepared to cross snow on some trail sections and to use great care if there is ice on trails. Most of the trails in the national park go through areas where there is plenty of sunshine and it is usually very pleasant to hike during the day. Typically all that's needed is a jacket.  Spring comes early in the Arches area. By late February, tiny wild flowers are starting to push through the soil and nighttime temperatures are moderating. February is a great month to visit the park.

About Moab Adventure Center

Moab Adventure Center is a division of Western River Expeditions (, an adventure travel company headquartered in Salt Lake City, with operations and offices in Moab, Utah and Fredonia, Arizona. The company is the largest single tour provider in Moab, UT. The Moab Adventure Center is located at 225 South Main Street, Moab, Utah 84532. For information and reservations please call (435) 259-7019 or (866) 904-1163 or send an email from The center also has a 2,000-sq. ft. retail space selling adventure related gear and clothing as well as souvenirs.