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Great Outdoors
Ecotour Company Visits Most Spectacular Scenery On Earth

Destination Often Overlooked, a Visit to Patagonia Will Change Your Life

Terra Incognita Ecotours isn't an average ecotour company.  Every trip is sustainably designed to give back to each and every community that graciously hosts their adventurous and conscientious travelers.  Founder Ged Caddick's newest and wildest adventure in Patagonia will prove no different.

This year, Ged will take visitors from around the globe to one of the most remote places on the planet. It boasts what some have called the most spectacular scenery on Earth - wild Patagonia in Chile, South America. 

Ged founded Terra Incognita Ecotours in 2004 with an outrageous mission - to travel the world thoughtfully, respectfully and to make a difference.  And make a difference he has.  Terra Incognita Ecotours has already donated more than $175,000 to charitable partners in seven host countries.  "The business model I created for Terra Incognita isn't based on profits, like most businesses are. We measure success by how much we're able to give away - the more the better," says Ged who sits on a slew of prestigious boards including The Gorilla Doctors, EcoHealth Alliance and The Akilah Institute.

"Patagonia is one of the most stunning places on the globe," exclaims Ged. "During our adventures in Patagonia in 2013, we saw 23 wild mountain lions in just two weeks in Torres del Paine National Park; not to mention the rheas and guanacos, foxes and Andean Condors! These one-of-a-kind wildlife experiences, gourmet meals and luxury lodging make it one of the best tours we offer, probably my new favorite!"

Ged employs local guides in Patagonia as his "Puma Tracking Team" in an effort to give his eco-tourists the most fulfilling adventure possible.  And like all of Ged's other ecotours, this one gives directly back to the community with a percentage of every traveler's fee going straight to puma conservation in the region. 

"My clients want an incredible experience, but they are thoughtful and responsible and want to give something back to the community," says Ged. "Patagonia is an often-overlooked adventure destination, but it's beyond phenomenal - I'm warning travelers to buckle their seatbelts for the wildlife ride of a lifetime.  They'll experience elusive pumas and other amazing animals closer than they ever imagined. The scenery beats most other scenery on the planet - and I've been all over the world and seen some magnificent scenery!  It's the new must-see bucket-list destination." 

Departure dates for Patagonia are March 22nd - March 29 th, November 22 nd - November 29 th and November 29 th - December 6 th.  For more information about's wild Patagonia adventure, visit .