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Grand Canyon Rafting - Life Is About The Moments

Life is about the moments – spending time with loved ones, exploring new places, learning something new, always living in the moment. White water rafting through the Grand Canyon offers people unimaginable moments, moments and memories of a lifetime.

The Grand Canyon rafting season is at an end for 2012, but the memories made will live on. The moments of whitewater and landscapes, meeting new people and making new friends, setting up camp, sleeping under a blanket of stars, camping by the rushing Colorado River will not be forgotten.

Not many people take a Grand Canyon raft trip, but those who do are changed by the experience. Arizona River Runners is an outfitter operating whitewater trips in the Grand Canyon, and many of their rafters share these moments. All passengers – adults, kids, teenagers, seniors – end their trip affected by the Canyon, the river guides, or something else they experienced while on the river.

For one family it was a spring break trip in April. The mother wrote, “Two families started the trip with six children that were disappointed they were not spending spring break relaxing in the Bahamas. After hiking to North Canyon's beautiful grotto on Easter morning, playing football in Redwall Cavern, hiking to Eminence Break, swimming in the chilly Little Colorado, the petro-glyph hike and making it to the top of Tabernacle, our youngest proclaimed ‘…the Canyon changes you man!’” The moments these families shared were priceless.

Another woman was told by her husband he had just booked their vacation. “’It looked like fun and was on my bucket list,’ he said. She responded, ‘That would be HIS bucket list. Where did that come from anyway? I had never camped, and I am a 5 star hotel girl. So you know I was apprehensive to say the least. Once we got to Lees Ferry and the guides explained everything I felt much better. On the trip I looked around and saw a 78 year old man, he was doing the trip for the second time! I thought if he can do it so can I. This trip made my husband and me closer. Thank you Arizona River Runners for the best experience ever!’”

A mother took a family rafting trip with her son. These are her words and thoughts, “On the first night I thought ‘why didn't I read the fine print?’ I thought I would be sleeping in tents. I thought I would be lazing around for six days, going for the occasional boat ride. I looked over at my 11 year old son beside me and for the first time in years I knew we were having the same thought, ‘How are we going to get through this?’ Over the next six days I've never been colder or hotter or hungrier or more completely stuffed. I've never experienced seeing light or black at darkness. There were moments of exhilaration as we rumbled through a rapid and moments of exhaustion as we set up camp in a storm. This experience woke me up. I could not get through it with my head somewhere else. So the further we went down the river, the more alive I felt. When I looked over at my son after we had set up our cots on the 4th night, I said ‘We're doing this. We're actually doing this!’ And he was as astonished as I was; he nodded and said ‘Yeah we are!!’ I can't explain why I feel changed by the experience or closer to my son. I only know that my son and I laugh a lot more now than we did before the trip and when I close my eyes and say ‘Jonah, can you hear it?’ both of us hear the sound, the running wash of the Colorado River. It stays with you. Thank you for a once in a lifetime, amazing experience."

The underlying theme of all these testimonials is that rafting the Colorado River is a trip of a lifetime, and the more you go, the more you see, do, learn, and experience. One river rafter said this about his trip rafting through the Grand Canyon, “This was my fifth whitewater trip in six years! It was fun meeting old friends (the guides) the first day. Every day is fun and adventurous: great hikes, the tension of the rapids. Some things are the same each year, but others are new and adventurous. Water levels are different, different people. New guides, old guides, guides from previous trips on other boats and other companies. I prefer rowed (oar trips). It gets you right down on the river and a lot of personal action with the guides. You become old friends. They are the Keepers of the River. Okay what's the worst day? The last day because it's over! I'm 77 years old. My 6th trip? Next year? Possibly...”

This rafter realized a dream come true – a 50th birthday celebration, quality time with family and friends on a Grand Canyon raft trip. "The best part was being able to spend quality time with family and friends, while enjoying one of the country's natural wonders, the Grand Canyon on the river. This was how I wanted to spend my 50th birthday – with family and good friends. Arizona River Runners exceeded our expectations. Safety was first and foremost from start to finish. Each portion of the trip was outstanding and would do it again."

Looking for a few of life’s special moments? Feel the desire for a new experience, or to re-live a favorite one? Take a Grand Canyon rafting trip; they are about life and life is about the moments. For more information, contact Arizona River Runners at (800) 477-7238, or

About Arizona River Runners

White water rafting through the Grand Canyon offers a unique view of one of the most popular natural wonders of the world. Experience the adventure of a lifetime on a Grand Canyon rafting trip with Arizona River Runners. Since 1970 they have provided all-inclusive Grand Canyon whitewater trips with customized rafts, all the camping and rafting gear, and food for your family rafting trip.