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Great Freedom Adventures Announces 2011 USA Bike Tours Spanning Iconic New England Destinations From Hudson River Valley To Bloc

Six-Day/Five-Night Itineraries Accessible By Amtrak, Bus, Auto

Focus on Green Travel Through Green Worlds by Bike

The tour operator who promotes independence on two wheels, Great Freedom Adventures (, announces 2011 USA bike tours that span four iconic New England destinations from New York’s Hudson River Valley to Block Island on the Atlantic.

Eleven scheduled departures and per person double occupancy rates for the six-day/five-night programs (except for Block Island which is four days/ three nights) are:
  • Maritime New England Bike Tour - June 26-July 1, July 17-22 and Aug. 21-26 at $2,395, single supplement $500
  • Best of Vermont Bike Tour - July 24-29, July 31-Aug. 5 and Sept. 25-30 at $2,195 ($2,395 for September trip), single supplement $450
  • Magnificent Hudson Valley, New York Bike Tour - Aug. 7-12 and Oct. 2-7 at $2,350, single supplement $425
  • Enthralling Block Island, RI Vacation - July 10-13, Aug. 14-17 and Sept. 11-14 at $2,295 (September trip $2,195), single supplement $500.

On all trips, guests may use their own bikes or rent them for $90 for the trip. While biking is the main daily activity, none is a bike-compulsive itinerary. Company founder Jeanne Rummel has sleuthed out artisanal cheese-making farms, micro breweries, sunset sails, hiking trails, iconic homesteads, mansions, gardens and more to engage the curious in ways that allow them to discover new worlds. Rummel has selected upscale lodges that mirror their locales and that also bring a diversity of proprietors into each regional and cultural mix.

The programs include some lunches and all but one dinner so that guests can explore local eateries on their own now and then. Lodging, all breakfasts, most meals, guides, van support, entrance fees where required and other region-specific costs are included in the tour rate, with the exception of alcoholic beverages and guide gratuities.

Rummel, who has been arranging and running bike and other active tours for 13 years, is passionate about engaging her guests in green destinations and at a pace of low impact travel mandated by bicycle that allows the spirits of the riders to connect with the green around them.

“There is nothing like the physical and mental high that comes from reaching your destination under your own power after a day spent cycling through beautiful surroundings in the company of friends or family. I’ve seen it time after time with people young and old and it’s really quite remarkable. People are just happier by the end of the day. They feel as if they have really accomplished something and they’ve had fun doing it,” said Rummel.

Emerging research supports Rummel’s claims regarding the benefits of green exercise. Recent studies show that such exercise is a potentially powerful solution to improving both the physical and mental health of individuals while reducing health care costs. The health benefits of exercise alone are well established and include reducing blood pressure, combating heart disease, increasing serotonin levels in the brain, controlling blood glucose levels, fostering weight management, improving efficiency of the cardiovascular system for increased energy, and slowing of the aging process.

The benefits of green exercise appear from recent research to be greater than the sum of its parts. USA Today recently published an analysis of 10 separate studies showing that the largest positive health changes occurred when people exercised outside. Additionally, outdoor exercise encourages more complex movements on varied surfaces, resulting in greater development of balance, coordination, and muscle groups which stabilize the body. Engaging in these activities as a group facilitates social connectivity that brings its own set of mental and physical health benefits. Activities such as cycling, hiking and walking, have been found to confer the extensive benefits of green exercise.