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Fall - ing For The Everglades

In most places across the country, the fall season heralds a time of transition. It's palpable. You can see it and feel it in the weather, the foliage, the attitudes of people and their work ethic. Subtle as it might seem in South Florida, there is a period of transition in the Everglades as well, most notably in the form of cooler temperatures and an increase in the number of avian and human visitors. It's exactly the time of year that interest in visiting and learning about America's Everglades heats up.

The Everglades Foundation wants to accelerate your learning process in all things related to the Everglades ecosystem. This includes hydrology, the economics of ecosystem restoration, wetland ecology, water quality, water supply, water management, scientific research, mangrove habitats, fishing, Everglades excursions, the status of the U.S. Sugar Corp. land acquisition, projects in the Northern Everglades, endangered species, engineering, construction projects and the politics of the "Swamp."

This fall, the Everglades Foundation has added a new outreach and education program that will allow journalists to have an expert source, guided Everglades experience. During the Everglades tour season which runs from October through May, the Foundation will be organizing a limited number of guided tours for journalists who will be accompanied by Everglades experts and scientists to take advantage of learning opportunity unlike any other.

For more information e-mail or call (305) 251-0001, ext. 235.