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3 Top Alternatives To The Grand Canyon
Explore Arizona Tours suggests that tourists (and area residents who haven’t had the pleasure) enjoy the Grand Canyon, but make sure to check out the alternative “hot spots” throughout the state:
  • Sedona, AZ: hiking, camping and jeep trips focused on photography, astronomy or archeology.
  • Phoenix, AZ: hiking day trips, desert tours, rock climbing and rafting/kayaking trips on the Salt River.
  • Page, AZ: river rafting or rowing.
Tyson Bailey of Explore Arizona Tours suggested, “Arizona is one of those regions that offer a wide variety of outdoor recreation. People can choose from a wide variety of tours in Sedona and even head north to go rafting in Page. It’s a shame when people come to see and don’t realize that they can actually get out there and do something in the amazing desert landscape.”

The Grand Canyon is 277 river miles long, a mile deep and up to 18 miles across in some places so it’s no wonder that it’s one of the “natural wonders of the world” and that it continues to attract more tourists each year. But tourists coming to Arizona to see the awesome size and beauty of the canyon are looking further and experiencing more of Arizona in recent years as they discover additional landmarks and activities that are exclusive to the Arizona landscape. For further information on Explore Arizona Tours or the Arizona tourism industry get in touch with Tyson Bailey at 888-399-3531. Or you can visit Explore Arizona Tours online at
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