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Cultural Festivals
Chinese Lotus Festival Celebrates 300 Years Of Blooming

Ten-li Lotus at Anlong Zhao Dike in Guizhou Province, China have been blooming for over 300 years, come rain or shine. To celebrate the amazing lotus city, Anlong welcomed visitors from near and far on August 2nd to celebrate the "China Anlong Sixth Lotus Festival."

Anlong is a famous, historical city in Guizhou Province. It is governed by the ancient Yelang State. Ancestors of the Yelang State once lived on this land and composed a brilliant history. In 1652, Nanming, Yongli Dynasty moved to Anlong and Zhu Yonglang, where Emperor Yongli established the auxiliary capital. Thus it became known as the "Emperor City". Emperor Yongli later created historical sites and relics at the "Yongli Emperor Palace", "Imperial Drill Group", "Ancient Defensive Wall" and "Three-king Tombs".

Lotus City
Zhaoti, integrating historical humanities and natural scenery, has become the largest, and most favored, lotus resort on the Guizhou Plateau. Zhaodi lotus, coming out of the mud but keeping purity and showing enchanting charisma thanks to the clean brook, extend over 5,000 meters and spread fragrance everywhere. During the height of summer, the lotus blossoms attract visitors from all directions. Qu Bridge Colorful Pavilion floats on the flowered sea, all colors of fish swim between the lotus leaves, with the fresh breeze blowing gently and hidden fragrances lingering on.

Anlong Mountains and Water

Anlong County is characterized by odd mountains, beautiful flowers and breathtaking scenery. The Towering Tiger-head Mountain and Crane, with luxuriant trees, are praised as a "natural biological gene pool" by experts; Du Mountain Karst Cave is composed of underground caves, over-ground penetrating caves and a combination of naturally-formed kits, which is rarely seen away from this miraculous landscape. Wanfengwu Tiger-head Scenic Spot, formed by the Tiansheng Bridge-Class First Power Station Dam, is filled with ridges and peaks, and mist and ripples; charming and gentle. The picturesque, ethnic villages and the graceful and varied ethnic charm also help to attract visitors, providing an unparalleled experience.

Getting to Anlong is easy. Simply take the train from Beijing or Shanghai to Guiyang, and then a bus from Guiyang Long-distance Station to Anlong County. For more information, please contact: Sima Yi, Email: Tel: +86-189-0106-0959