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5TH Year For "Siggi Dimanche" In LA's Historic Leimert Park

"In 2008, after recognizing the dearth of African voices joining the half a billion Francophones who annually celebrate the French language during the month of March, I conceived ‘Siggi Dimanche,’” explains Kymberly S. Newberry, founder/executive director.

This year’s offering unfolded in Los Angeles’ Historic Leimert Park District on Sunday, April 22 at KAOS Network, run by artist and filmmaker Ben Caldwell. Attendees were joined via skype by former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who speaks French fluently, as well as by Dr. Shireen K. Lewis, from Washington D.C., who gave an astounding presentation on the little known Martiniquian intellectual, Paulette Nardal, one of the founders of the Negritude Movement. Along with CCH Pounder, Lorraine Toussaint, Richard Gant, Basil Wallace, and a host of other readers, a fantastic time was has by all.

This event, serves as a vehicle to engender confidence in individuals interested in experiencing the literature, scholarly writings, and cinema of the French speaking African continent, and the French speaking African/Caribbean Diaspora, putting forth the French language as it is utilized and enjoyed by the inhabitants of the 31 Francophone African countries and the French speaking Caribbean. This event seeks to become an integral part of the international Francophone dialogue. Boasting a program of tandem French/English readings of Francophone African and Francophone African Diasporian literature, films, music and lectures, “Siggi Dimanche” has become an eagerly anticipated yearly celebration with an emphasis on the tremendous contributions of distinguished scholars, writer’s filmmakers and cultural workers representing Francophone Africa and its French speaking Diaspora.

“Los Angeles is a vast metropolis receptive to culturally innovative experiences,” says Newberry. “Since 2008, ‘Siggi Dimanche’ has convened in the Historic Leimert Park Village in Los Angeles, with the participation of scholars, artists and Francophones from Encino to Compton. Though Francophone Africa and the Francophone African Diaspora are the emphasis of ‘Siggi Dimanche’ this event continues to enjoy the participation and attendance of individuals across greater Los Angeles, serving as a vector for all individuals to become ‘observers’ of the African continent, and the French speaking African Diaspora.

“From it’s participation in the yearly ‘Shaping Black Culture Forums,’ as well as past successful collaborations with The Levantine Cultural Center, and The Moroccan American Association of California, ‘Siggi Dimanche’ provides multicultural, multi-diverse gatherings the opportunities to embrace their magnificent African inheritance.

“As Founder and Organizer of ‘Siggi Dimanche,’ I am proud to have been referred to as a ‘Cultural Ambassador’ and Creative Entrepreneur. My objective is to educate, inspirit critical thinking, and create a sea change regarding Francophone Africa and the French speaking African Diaspora throughout this vibrant city," Newberry adds.

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