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Faasai Resort Creates Thailand's First 'Ecotopia' Festival

The award-winning eco-resort Faasai Resort and Spa in Kung Wiman, Chanthaburi, on the southeast coast of Thailand, is hosting Thailand's first-ever 'Ecotopia' celebration, which began on February 24, and runs through May 31. Ecotopia is based on three concepts: ecological (living in harmony with nature), cornucopia (an abundance of fresh food from the land), and utopia (the perfect life). The three-month celebration will feature a range of activities on the themes of green travel, sustainable tourism, agri-tourism, eco-tourism and gourmet tourism.

During the festival, Faasai Resort will organize special packages and activities* such as visiting the local fishing fleet and going out with the squid boats, picking fruit in local orchards, harvesting fresh herbs and using them in Thai cooking, learning about growing organic food using the EM biodynamic natural farming method, planting rare trees to provide food and shelter for wildlife, watching birds and feeding fish at the White Water Lake private wetlands sanctuary, and kayaking through the mangroves at the Royal Marine Sanctuary at Kung Kraben.

The co-owner of Faasai Resort and Spa, Bronwen Evans says, "A big trend we are seeing with our guests is that they want participatory travel. They don't just want to see something, they want a rich experience and to be actively involved in interesting and useful activities. We are offering them that opportunity. They can pick fruit, plant a tree or rice, feed the fish and learn Thai cooking with fresh herbs, among many other activities."

In keeping with the rhythms of nature, different activities will be available at different times. For example kayaking through the mangroves is dependent on the seasonal tides and water levels. Trips with the squid boats are dependent on weather conditions. The fruit season starts fully in mid-May when the province of Chanthaburi will hold its annual fruit festival with entertainment and sales of local plants, flowers, crafts and seasonal fruit.

Special 'Ecotopia' Packages and Activities
  • Visit the Kung Kraben marine sanctuary including mangrove boardwalk and aquarium and marine nursery (kayaking optional if water levels permit).
  • Visit to White Water Lake private nature sanctuary with wetlands and natural springs. Bird watching or kayaking around the small lake, plus feeding fish in the lake and planting trees to provide habitat and food for the birds.
  • Visit local fruit orchards growing Chanthaburi's famous tropical fruits such as mangosteen, rambutan and durian, including fruit tasting. This tour is available during the month of May.
  • Thai cooking lesson including picking fresh Thai herbs in the Faasai gardens and a visit to a local fresh market.
Each Ecotopia special package includes two nights of accommodation and breakfast for two plus Ecotopia tour:
Single room THB 1,900 (US$63)
Standard room THB 2,900 (US$97)
Superior room THB 3,100 (US$103)

For more information email Bronwen at

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