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Everything Families Need To Know When Traveling Via Cruise Ship

CruiseCompete’s Resource Section Offers 7 Categories of Information for Families

Family vacation planners, rejoice! While coordinating the details of a family vacation can be challenging (keeping everyone happy can be a logistical nightmare), this needn’t be the case, say the experts at CruiseCompete. A cruise ship vacation wraps up all the planning in a neat package, and CruiseCompete’s Family Resource Section provides all the details on how to get the most out of your next family vacation!

1. If you are an expectant mother and thinking of a cruise, know the cruise line pregnancy policies before you book. Nobody wants to miss out on an eagerly awaited cruise. Be sure you know what the cruise lines’ policies are about cruising while pregnant, otherwise you could be turned away at the pier; most of the cruise lines do not allow travel for mothers-to-be who are farther along than 24 weeks. Use CruiseCompete’s reference guide to determine the pregnancy policy for your next cruise. (Be sure to confirm these with your cruise line at the time of booking; however, they are subject to change.)

2. For truly baby-friendly cruising, parents should consider taking a nanny, or using a ship’s onboard babysitters or kids’ programs, which can be great. If you are planning on using the cruise ships’ baby or child care facilities, however, read on. Most cruise lines have a minimum age for children to sail; ages range from 3 months to 12 years, depending on the cruise line. CruiseCompete has information on the cruise line policies; be sure to verify this minimum age information before booking a cruise.

3. Parents cruising with ‘tweens or teenagers, often wonder, will they have fun on the ship? This age group of kids can be notoriously hard to please, and parents taking a cruise with ‘tween or teenage children know that they enjoy their space as much at sea as they do at home. CruiseCompete shows how the world’s most popular cruise lines have long recognized this, and offer more special hangouts and activities exclusively for teens and ‘tweens.

4. Cruises are a great idea for family reunions with a splash…For families looking for an alternative to the traditional reunion, a gathering at sea will surely make a splash with everyone. Below, CruiseCompete lists some of the top reasons family reunions at sea are more popular than ever:
  • Superior Value – The all-inclusive pricing of cruise vacations includes a family’s accommodations, meals, 24- hour room service, most onboard activities and top entertainment.
  • Groups often receive special amenities.
  • Cruise ships offer families a variety of staterooms to fit any budget and travel needs.
  • Some cabins have been specially designed to sleep four or more guests.
  • Special suites also are available for the disabled and folks who want more room and luxury amenities.
There are many more reasons to choose a cruise for your next family vacation.

5. Private islands make fabulous memories for families. Private butlers and other luxury amenities cater to those who want to be pampered, while plenty of island activities appeal to people on the go. CruiseCompete has the details on islands like Half Moon Cay, Holland America Line’s private island in the Bahamas, which offers air-conditioned, open-air beach cabanas just a few steps from warm, blue, pristine waters. Private butlers magically appear (for a small fee) from nowhere to fill one’s beverage glass; others prepare hot and chilled appetizers or offer cool cucumbers to soothe guests’ eyes from the tropical sun.

6. Wondering what there is to do with your kids on a cruise? CruiseCompete has a list of 10 things to do with children while on a cruise… and you’ll find there are many more to add! Cruising is a wonderful chance to introduce your children to never-before seen wonders, and create lasting memories with them.

7. Ever considered a cruise for your family’s holiday gathering? When quality family time counts the most, a holiday cruise offers flexibility and choice in recreational activities, entertainment, relaxed dining and fun for travelers of all ages. On a cruise, you can leave holiday chores behind and concentrate on enjoying time spent with loved ones.

CruiseCompete has information on everything parents need to know about traveling with their children, from pre-pregnancy to family reunions. To view this information in its entirety, please visit CruiseCompete’s Family Resource Section at
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