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Vendor Spotlight

Augustin Houegban grew up in the Republic of Benin in West Africa. He ventured to the United States in 2002 and has since studied business, finance and organizational security management. After working in the security field for over 10 years, Houegban opened his own security service, World Star Protective Services. World Star Protective Services, based in the Los Angeles area and having started out with five full-time security guards, currently has over 50 full-time security guards in its employ. "I like being the one responsible for protecting people and their property," says Houegban. "Clients come to me with their needs and concerns after having invested a lot of time and money into their properties; it's my job to provide them with the necessary services to make them feel safe and keep them and their belongings protected. World Star Protective Services equips our customers with extra eyes and peace of mind. I enjoy the public relations side of the business the most; I like to know that my clients feel safe and secure when my team is on the premises." Although Houegban is the main one in charge of office planning and operations for World Star, he still enjoys putting on his uniform and presenting to job sites. Once at the location, Houegban finds comfort in being able to assess his team's presence at the site and in enforcing that sense of security and manpower. World Star Protective Services offers armed and unarmed security to commercial and residential buildings, hospitals, universities, financial institutions, malls, car dealerships, construction sites, churches and special events. They also offer bodyguards, corporate escorts and have a security training academy which provides the state required training for their security employees. World Star is California licensed (PPO # 16004), bonded and insured and all guards are put through an extensive background check, fingerprinted, instructed in The Power of Arrest, as well as Public Relations and the Laws & Regulations of a security guard.