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Leveling The Playing Field For Businesses

ValidateIt™, Powered By Google Consumer Surveys, Provides Affordable

Access to Fortune 500-Style Data

Until now, businesses without the in-house expertise to write and design unbiased questionnaires could always turn to third-party research firms - if they had $20,000 or more to pay.

"In today's economy, businesses cannot succeed if they can't make data-driven decisions. Lack of research is one of the top five reasons products fail," says market research industry leader Corrine Sandler, citing a Harvard Business Review report. 

To help businesses make data-driven decisions, Sandler has developed an online research platform called ValidateIt™ ( ), which is powered by Google Consumer Surveys and provides robust methodology at 90 percent less than traditional research.

Sandler notes that Google has been a leader in making information widely accessible to the masses. It's now time to make insights available to the masses.

Sandler discusses how a platform like ValidateIt™ is changing the landscape of business intelligence.

  • Can today's David-in-business compete with a Fortune-500 Goliath? With the recent opportunity to gain current, reliable data for business decisions at an affordable price, entrepreneurs no longer must rely exclusively on inspiration from epic parables from the Bible. The old, Goliath-like prices for solid-market research and product development have been felled for the Davids of today's entrepreneurship. In the spirit of Google's original mission statement - "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful" - the price for world-class data doesn't have to start at $20,000.
  • Is there any merit to the old way of gaining primary data for market research? The "old way" refers to privileged data available to only the top percentile of businesses. Beginning entrepreneurs and small businesses, which constitute the majority in the business world, often ended up relying on unreliable methods such as intuition and gut feelings to make decisions. That lack of research is why 85 percent of products fail, according to a Forbes online report, Sandler says.

"With ValidateIt™, decision makers receive 250 respondents, and the reports get to those decision makers within 24 hours," that immediate, accurate and actionable decision making

  • How does the platform help in product development? Your answers are only as good as the questions asked; that's where ValidateIt™ comes in through its scientifically designed questionnaires. IdeaRank is one of the research models launched. It will tell you whether your ideas are strong enough to withstand the competition and break through. The product development series of models will tell you the optimal price for your product, the realistic market demand for your concept or product and even evaluate your choice of name or tag line.  
"As we've experienced in recent decades, technology has leveled the playing field in a number of industries," Sandler says. "Now, we're at a tipping point for doing the same in market research."