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Vacation Rental Technology Leaders Liverez And Pointcentral Introduce The Next Big Innovation In the Management Of Vacation Rentals

The Partnership Will Bring Cellular-Powered Smart Home Control to the Vacation Rental Industry's Most-Used Cloud-Based Software Platform , the leader in cloud-based software for professional vacation rental managers, has partnered with PointCentral to optimize and simplify the management of vacation rentals through the introduction of cellular-powered smart home control.

Just as LiveRez revolutionized the industry by bringing bookings online, this integration brings the property online, offering unprecedented levels of control and efficiency to the more than 800 property management companies using the LiveRez software.

The PointCentral technology will enable these managers to lock and unlock doors, control house and pool temperature, monitor security and much more directly from their LiveRez software. The technology also will empower these managers to track the execution of their vacation rental operations in real time.

"Without a doubt, smart home control is the next big innovation in the vacation rental industry," said Tracy Lotz, LiveRez founder and CEO. "Our partnership with PointCentral will position our partners at the forefront of this new revolution and give them a significant competitive advantage in their respective markets."

The partnership makes LiveRez the first and only vacation rental software provider to integrate this level of smart home control directly into their system. PointCentral will continue to offer a reservation system interface for those organizations not using LiveRez, but its high-level vacation rental software integration will remain exclusive to LiveRez.

PointCentral President Greg Burge, a pioneer in commercial home security and automation, is confident that introducing the PointCentral technology to LiveRez's vast network of managers will speed the industry's adoption of smart home control.

"In the vacation rental industry, mechanical keys will soon go the way of the horse and buggy," Burge said. "Five years from now, vacation rental managers will look back and ask themselves: 'Did we really do business that way?'"

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