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New Featherweight Badges & Round Tags

Clothing-Safe, Easily Clipped-On and Read at Eye-Level

Badgetec has introduced new featherweight name badges and round tags that safely clip onto your garment for easy reading. As the primary function of a name badge is to visually communicate information during face-to-face events, wearing ones badge near eye-level is important (along with the appropriate text-size). Without a plastic holder, this results in a lightweight cardbadge (only 3 grams) attached by the new Contour Clip which slides onto the garment-edge like a “paperclip”.

Most people who wear name badges want their information presented clearly to others, and if appropriate, they will attach it to the upper part of their garment. Recognizing that the cardbadge is very lightweight and the Contour Clip is safe (no pins-no holes), they will tend to attach it to their collar, pocket or lapel in a second or two. Businesswomen state that they appreciate the new featherweight design.

Traditional name badges with pins, adhesives and bulldog clips were developed decades ago when the standard fabrics for women’s garments were cotton and wool. But with the developed of synthetic and more delicate women’s fabrics, a better badging system has been needed. Men still use traditional fabrics (pockets) and never had a badge-attachment problem.

Badgetec developed the Contour Clip® to provide fast, easy and clothing-safe attachment of badges. With the ‘paperclip’ attachment concept, the Contour Clip® slides on by tactile-feel alone. The badges are made of durable cardstock or white polyester (waterproof) which requires no plastic holder. Standard 8.5x11” diecut sheets have a slot punched at the top for attaching the clip. In addition, these standard size sheets can be printed using Microsoft Word (AVERY®) templates on most office laser/inkjet printers. One then simply separates the badges from the sheet and issues them to their guests.

BADGETEC was established in 2010. Headquartered in New York, Badgetec is a socially and environmentally responsible developer and manufacturer of eco-friendly products, providing recyclable and/or reusable cost-effective products, appropriate for their purpose while maintaining professional quality. All products are made in the USA. For more information and inquiries, visit:
, email, Phone (877) 403-7797, Fax (815) 425-8783, or write Badgetec Corporation, PO Box 1764, New City NY 10956.