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Turning Technologies Releases New LCD Clicker and Self-Paced Testing Application

ResponseCard® NXT and TurningKey Software Provide User-Friendly
Summative Assessment Solution

Turning Technologies LLC, a world leader in the response industry, announced the release of two new complementary products – ResponseCard NXT, an advanced radio frequency LCD keypad, and TurningKey, self-paced assessment software. ResponseCard NXT is the next generation of Turning’s well-established ResponseCard line of response clickers. The NXT response device is compatible with the latest version of the company’s synchronous polling applications, TurningPoint® and TurningPoint AnyWhere, both popular for formative assessment in learning environments. In addition to standard clicker features, ResponseCard NXT provides advanced capabilities such as cell-phone style text entry for short answer and essay questions. Input capabilities include multiple choice, multiple response, numeric response, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, and essay. The unit also contains an LCD display that confirms responses have been received by the instructor’s computer. However, the highlight of ResponseCard NXT is its self-paced test mode for individual assessment that works in conjunction with the newly released TurningKey software.

TurningKey is the company’s latest addition to its suite of interactive polling software. The lightweight application allows speakers to create digital answer keys for new or existing tests or quizzes and deliver the self-paced summative assessments to participants using ResponseCard NXT. TurningKey supports multiple test versions and assessments of up to 200 questions using any combination of question types. Exam times can also be specified, and instructors are able to monitor learners’ progress during an assessment.

"The release of ResponseCard NXT and TurningKey is truly an exciting step for us. They are the first of several new products meant to provide presenters and educators with robust yet easy-to-use polling options to help improve learning outcomes," said Turning Technologies’ CEO, Mike Broderick. "At Turning, we’ve always believed that technology can and will help instructors be more effective and increase overall achievement. Supporting the summative assessment process with these two intuitive products will make quite an impact to the learning environment. It is our continued mission to help learners gain the knowledge and skills they need to be competitive in the 21st century."

Additional ResponseCard NXT highlights include:

  • Channel search
  • Automatic input mode selection (Presentation and Test modes)
  • Letters, numbers, character and punctuation support
  • Participant ID submission with each response
  • User feedback in both Presentation and Test mode
  • Skip questions and return to questions if time allows
  • Upon answering last question, the user will be notified of unanswered questions and reorder test to quickly jump to unanswered questions
  • Test ID for each test created, test verification of information
  • Instructor can display individual test results to each participant
  • Instructor can display total points, total percentage or custom message to each participant
For more information about ResponseCard NXT and TurningKey as well as other response solutions, visit
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