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Convention Organizers Praise DCVB For Customized Support

is gaining recognition in the MICE community for its ability to support event planners beyond basic logistics. The Daegu Convention and Visitors Bureau (DCVB) has set itself apart by providing clients with a wealth of resources, tools and customizable services.

Steering clear of one-size-fits-all solutions, DCVB recognizes that offering options tailored to the event at hand is the key to a positive outcome. A recent case in point is the World Conference for Public Administration (WCPA) June 25-27.

Scholars, academics, practitioners and public consultants working in governmental and non-profit sectors convened in Daegu to reflect on past practices and discuss plans for the future of public administration around the world. Attendance numbered 1,000 participants including 400 foreign participants from 24 countries.

"Public Administration and Happiness" was the theme of the conference. And as WCPA participants explored how public policy can be used to shape happy societies, DCVB worked hand-in-hand with event organizers to ensure the event's success.

Customized support services include advice on event venues, accommodation reservations and tour programming. In addition to meeting the unique needs of WCPA organizers, DCVB offered participants exclusive discounts through its online accommodation reservation system.

Ji-eun Oh, secretary general of the Korean Association for Public Administration, said DCVB's support facilitated the planning process.

"DCVB helped us with arranging our event and gave useful advice," she said.

"The accommodation booking system was very helpful. Participants could book their hotel conveniently through DCVB's online booking system."

A survey of WCPA participants reflected a high approval rating of the online accommodation reservation system as well as the Hotel Inter-Burgo EXCO. Of those surveyed, 77 percent were satisfied or very satisfied with the online system and 81 percent said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the facility.

In addition to providing convenient and affordable access to high-quality accommodations, DCVB strives to provide visitors with opportunities to experience Korean culture during their stay in Daegu.

WCPA was held at the Daegu Exhibition and Convention Center (EXCO). Staffed by two tour guides, a welcome desk was on site to connect visitors with tour experiences. DCVB worked with WCPA organizers to create five customized tour packages for the participants. DCVB's satisfaction research found that participants were very pleased with the tour staff, sites and affordable price.

During the convention, participants had the opportunity to study Korea's approach to public administration. After hours, they enriched their stay with meaningful cultural experiences. Tour guides worked to match visitors with experiences that would appeal to their interests.

Two guides lead 40 participants through the historic alleys of downtown Daegu for the Modern Culture Historical Tour Program. Participants were impressed with the tour staff's management and flexibility. The group even enjoyed a spontaneous detour for shopping in Dongseongno, the lively fashion district at the city's center.

Additional tour highlights included Mt. Palgong and Donghwa Temple. WCPA participants especially enjoyed Seomun Market, the largest traditional market in Daegu and one of three main markets during the Joseon Dynasty.

Daegu is centrally located, making it a convenient hub for sightseeing in surrounding cities. Participants enjoyed tours in the nearby cities of Gyeongju and Andong.

The tours provided enjoyment and relaxation after the conference. Many participants commented that the tour programs were a great way to experience the culture and traditions of Korea.

DCVB's event support service provided a convenient and memorable experience for WCPA organizers and participants alike. In addition to a successful event, visitors were able to enjoy Korean culture through various tour programs.

From start to finish, DCVB worked to provide the smoothest experience for WCPA participants during their stay in Daegu. The wealth of resources, tools and services available to event planners and participants through DCVB's event support service adds to Daegu's success as an international host city.