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The Clowns Are Coming

The World Clown Association, founded 30 years ago in the United States, is coming to Kuching, Malaysia. While this organization of approximately 3,000 members has occasionally provided conventions outside the United States, they have never hosted one of their annual events in Asia. After a careful review Kuching was selected as an ideal place for the organization to celebrate its 30th anniversary 2013 celebration.

Who is Coming?

Clowns have already registered to be in town in February from Canada, England, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United States. Some attendees are circus clowns, while others clown in hospitals, schools, churches, parks, parties and at festivals. Clowning involves a lot of different skills so some of these clowns juggle, while others are mimes, do magic, are acrobatic or do physical comedy. Clowns are always seeking more training so while in town they will host their convention in the Merdeka Palace Hotel and Suites where they will offer lectures and classes on clowning to their members, do demonstrations and host an evening charity performance. At their convention they even have clown competitions!

Some clowns planning to come are quite unique. One, Arthur Pedlar from Southport England, has clowned for over 60 years. And yes, he recently performed in a large gala stage performance on his 80th birthday. Sam Tee, perhaps the most famous Malaysian clown, will be here as one of the organizers for this convention. Former circus clown Bruce “Charlie” Johnson will be here sharing his knowledge of clowning. After leaving the circus he began writing about clowning in various publications and is currently the official WCA clown historian.

Where Can We See the Clowns?

On Thursday, February 28th the clowns will leave the hotel and filter out into the community for a special celebratory day called “Sarawak Smiles.” On this day they will visit schools, hospitals, care centers, and shopping centers to provide unique brands of fun and entertainment. More information as to where they will appear on this day will be forthcoming as the convention dates come closer.

The final day of their convention will be March 1st when they will conduct a special clown competition called ‘paradeability.’ This event will take place in the large open area of the new Merdeka Plaza Shopping Centre. Photo opportunities with the clowns will be available as well as peaks at some of the pranks and fun things these clowns will be bringing to Kuching.

If you’d like more information on the upcoming clown visit contact Cat City, Holidays, Inc. They are the local professional conference organization supporting the efforts of the World Clown Association. Alternatively, please visit to find out on this great ‘Borneo Adventure’ in 2013.
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