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Malaysia Wins Bid To Host Major Asia Pacific Medical Congress In 2012
Kuching, Sarawak has secured the hosting of the 14th Asia Pacific Congress of Paediatrics (APCP) in 2012 after Malaysia won the bid in Shanghai, China on 18 October 2009. This four-day event scheduled in September 2012 is expected to generate a revenue of over RM3.9 million for the local hospitality and tourism sector whereby some 1450 national and international participants will converge for meetings.

The winning bid is a credit to the collaborative efforts of the Malaysian Paediatric Association (MPA) and the Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB). Datuk Dr. Zulkifli Ismail, past president of the Malaysian Paediatric Association (MPA) commented, “We are very pleased to win this bid for Malaysia and to organize this event in Kuching, Sarawak. We hope that we can make a difference to the public health care system whereby our next generation will benefit from it.”

“With the support from the city and the Government of Sarawak, we are positive that the delegates will have once-in-a-lifetime experience where this unique destination has to offer during their stay,” he added. Meanwhile, Geoffrey Lee, regional manager of the Sarawak Convention Bureau added “Hosting this Asia Pacific Congress will help add to the credibility of Sarawak as a new hub for international medical congress. Rest assured, the Bureau, which has represented the State of Sarawak, is very pleased with this success and will continue to assist the organizer to market the conference not only nationally but also internationally.”

For the Malaysian Paediatric Association (MPA), organizing a major conference is nothing new as MPA has also organized the 5th Asian Congress of Paediatrics (ACP) way back in 1985. The committee is looking forward to planning and organizing the 14th Asia Pacific Congress of Paediatrics (APCP) 2012 in Kuching, Sarawak successfully.
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