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Casamagna Puerto Vallarta Tequila Tasting Program For Meetings Break Out

CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort and Spa
, one of a few resorts in the world that makes its own brand of tequila from agave grown onsite, is now offering new weekly tequila tastings as an extension of the Secretos Del Tequila program. This experience makes for a compelling meetings break out when planning group activities at the resort.

Tastings involve an informational session led by Audrey Formisano, the resort's tequila sommelier, who teaches guests about the history of tequila in the Jalisco region, the process of how tequila is made and how the resort got involved. The samplings are held in La Cava, the stunning private dining room and tequila cellar. Authentic Mexican tequila, such as the CasaMagna Puerto Vallarta tequila, is made to be "sipped" in order to savor the flavor, and guests can sip all five types the resort produces - White Tequila, Joven, Rested, Aged and Extra Aged.

After the tasting, Audrey welcomes guests to a tour of the resort's agave garden, where they can often see traditional Mexican jimadors harvesting the agave. Guests who partake in this experience will gain a deep understanding of tequila while learning to drink and enjoy the spirit.

For more information call (212) 868-1900 X274.