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Announcing New Product From T3 Expo
Imagine this: You step into the venue and amidst a sea of cookie cutter booths and exhibits, an eye-catching registration system stands out. Sexy and sleek, you understand what the brand is about at first glance thanks to the attractive graphics. You see visitors lining up, registering and continuing along quickly. The usual tangle of people trying to sort out their badges is nowhere to be found around this system! Recently designed by T3 Expo, the custom unit is not only attractive but cost saving, environmentally friendly, efficient and extremely versatile. Check out the benefits below:

Cost Savings:
Packs tightly, requiring little space which saves on storage fees. Because of its compact, light design, drayage costs are significantly cut. The user also saves on labor costs, since the system doesn’t require any tools or complicated assembly; no extra help is needed for set up.

Environmentally Friendly: Made from recycled materials. The skins can be redesigned show after show, allowing the exhibit maximum reuse. Because it packs up so tightly, there is little packaging needed, saving paper based shipping materials.

Efficient: The system’s design features a short surface area enabling staff and visitors to interact closely. Convenient wire management and a concealed work area keeps administrative tasks simple, helping to streamline traffic.

Versatility: Keeping with the T3 Expo mindset to create individualized solutions for their clients, Chris designed the registration system so that skins can be rebranded anytime the client wishes, in a very cost effective way. Show after show, the same efficiency of the unit is maintained while the look and feel can be completely changed, depending on client theme or message.
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