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Tracy Berkeley

Tracy Berkeley was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Bermuda Tourism Authority in March 2023, cementing her as the first ever female leader of the BTA. Berkeley has spent the last seven months creating a new strategic global tourism plan to promote Bermuda as a world-class and welcoming destination for all.

Berkeley has been a part of the BTA for three years, working alongside the executive leadership team to shape the organization to re-enter the market at a global level. Upon appointment as Interim CEO, Berkeley utilized her unique people skills, developed over a twenty-year career, to not only nurture existing Bermudian talent but bring Bermudian talent home. No stranger to the extensive experience needed to manage and shape organizational culture, Berkeley's career history has exposed her at the highest-level managing multi-million dollar budgets, building and leading high performance teams and strong financial and business planning for top level conglomerates. Berkeley is a member of several public and private Boards, professional associations and is a 2024 CDME candidate.

As the CEO, Berkeley is responsible for creating a world class tourism authority organization, as well as securing renowned agencies to create a global network pushing the messaging that Bermuda is a destination to be revered. Berkeley's financial acumen brings to the table robust ROI (return on investment) interrogation from both the internal and external markets, ensuring that Bermuda's investments build long lasting market impact and relationships which will enhance the destination's appeal for both visitors and future business investment opportunities.

Berkeley's international exposure with leading Bermuda (in)reinsurance companies brings a new perspective to the business of Tourism. She is a highly respected by leading international media, global organizations, and peers alike. Berkeley's appointment signals a new dawn at the BTA and for Bermuda in the global marketplace.

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