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Shayanna McNeil's Journey of Service and Song

Shayanna McNeil

Born and bred in Memphis, Shayanna McNeil isn't afraid of hard work. Balancing textbooks with hospitality shifts throughout her college years, she honed her people skills and discovered a deep satisfaction in connecting with others. "Every encounter," she believes, "holds the seed of a possible relationship, every act of kindness a chance for return."

This philosophy fueled her diverse career path. Over five years in hospitality, eight in sales and marketing, and twelve in customer service, Shayanna thrived on the human connection. Her passion for hospitality eventually led her to the prestigious Hilton Corporation, where she excelled as an auditor and sales manager. Today, she brings her expertise to the historic Guest House at Graceland, ensuring every guest experience resonates with Elvis's spirit of warmth and Southern charm. But Shayanna's talents extend beyond the boardroom. For four years, she served as a counselor at a correctional facility, her dedication earning her Employee of the Month accolades and the Mayor's invitation to perform at a business banquet. Witnessing resilience behind bars instilled in her a profound empathy and a belief in the transformative power of human connection, even in the most challenging settings.

When not weaving her magic in the hospitality world, Shayanna finds solace in the company of loved ones, harmonizing with her siblings, wielding a tennis racket with grace, and letting her creativity flow through arts and crafts. Her guiding principles are "Be kind, you never know the battles others are fighting," and "Your income can only grow as much as you do."

Shayanna McNeil is more than just a Memphis success story; she's a testament to the power of human connection, unwavering dedication, and a touch of Southern hospitality. In her hands, every interaction becomes a melody, every challenge an opportunity to grow, and every life encountered a chance to harmonize with the world around her.

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