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Delphine Pruitt, Vice President Business Access Advisor at US Bank joins the Regional California Black Chamber of Commerce SVF Black History Month Kickoff Brunch!

Ms. Pruitt will also share her black business success stories and how she is helping to expand wealth in the Black Community.  Be prepared. She's very action orientated!

She knows 1st hand how Vital small business is to our economy! Economic Empowerment to any community is Key to the ongoing success and growth of all small business. 


Shaping National and Local Identity and Values in Underserved Communities: How a nation understands and interprets its history shapes its national and local identity and values. Whitewashing slavery and its aftermath can lead to a skewed national narrative that glorifies certain aspects of the past while ignoring the suffering and contributions of Black individuals and communities. Be a Change Maker.  JOIN US.  RSVP today.
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