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The World Conference of Mayors, led by Mayor Johnny Ford of Tuskegee, Alabama visited with the Honorable Allister Coward, a member of the Board of Directors of The World Conference of Mayors. Coward, who is also the Executive Director and leader of the National Policy Alliance Canada, held the first Underground Railroad bus tour in Canada. Participants attended from many places around the world.  Mayor Ford played a major role from the United States, along with others. 

This historic event, the first National Policy Alliance Canada US Underground Railroad bus tour to the North Buxton Museum in Buxton, Ontario, saw Honorable Mayor Johnny Ford warmly greeted by the Honorable Mayor Darrin Canniff of the Chatham Kent County of Ontario.

In our own studies here in the United States, we remember the significance of Harriet Tubman and others leaving their enslavement in the United States and going to Canada-a nation that welcomed our brothers and sisters to Canada where many of them became active and productive citizens of that country. They went from enslavement to freedom by crossing the border between the U.S. and Canada.  As Mayor Ford, who is from Tuskegee, Alabama, and an expert on the work of Dr. Booker T. Washington, said "In the spirit of Dr. Booker T. Washington, there they cast down their buckets and made Canada their home."  Further, Mayor Ford said, "In Canada, we not only feel at home in Canada, but we also found other family here."

The FutureBizNow Conference is a leading event that explores the convergence of technology and business. With a focus on innovation and growth, the conference gathered thought leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and visionaries to inspire and drive progress in the digital age. A highlight of the event in Milton, Ontario, Canada was a historic event.  A highlight of the historic event was the fact that Mayor Ford participated and was accompanied by a notable VIP delegation that included Former Mayor Darryl Johnson of Mound Bayou, Mississippi who made headlines when he unveiled the Emmett Till Movie Exhibition in the recently opened Mound Bayou, Mississippi African American Museum commemorating a pivotal chapter in the civil rights movement. Joining them was Rev. Dr. Al Sampson of Chicago, Illinois, who holds the unique distinction of being the only living person ordained by the Honorable Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  

Additionally, Mayor Johnny Ford and the VIP Delegates were warmly received by the Honorable Mayor Darrin Canniff, Mayor of Chatham Kent County, and by the  Prince family, who are 7th generation custodians and curators of the North Buxton Museum in Buxton. This historic visit marked a significant milestone in the collaboration between the National Policy Alliance-Canada and the World Conference of Mayors (WCM), underscoring their commitment to fostering international connections and the exchange of innovative ideas.

This gathering promised to foster ongoing meaningful connections, celebrate heritage, and drive discussions on the intersection of technology and community development. The FutureBizNow Conference 2023 together with NPA Canada was more than just an event; it shaped up to be a historic moment where visionary leaders, innovators, and communities converged to explore the future while honoring the past. With a diverse lineup of distinguished speakers and a dynamic hybrid format, the conference sought visionaries to unlock the boundless potential of the digital era. 

Allister Coward is Executive Director of the National Policy Alliance-Canada and Managing Director of Allviziers Business Group    He is also on the Board of Directors of the World Conference of Mayors (see )  and the Historic Black Towns and Settlements under the leadership of the Honorable Johnny Ford who brings together people from all across the world who are doing great things themselves to bring people together for good.