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Trinidad is the larger and more populous of the two main islands of Trinidad and Tobago, a country in the southeastern West Indies. It lies 11 km (6.8 mi) off the northeastern coast of Venezuela and sits on the continental shelf of South America.

Often referred to as the 'business capital' of the West Indies, Trinidad is rich in diversity and cultural heritage buzzing with a vibrant and cosmopolitan society, and a range of natural attractions that make it an ideal destination for meetings and eco-tourism.

Whether you are looking for a modern and well-equipped conference venue, a relaxing beach resort, or an adventurous excursion into the rainforest, there is something for everyone. Choose from a variety of venues and hotels that are well-suited for small or large meetings or conferences equipped with a wide variety of amenities, such as restaurants, bars, and fitness centers.

Here are some additional reasons why Trinidad is a great destination for meetings:

·      The people of Trinidad are friendly and welcoming.

·      The climate in Trinidad is warm and sunny year-round.

·      There are a variety of cultural attractions in Trinidad, such as museums, art galleries, and theaters.

Unwind after meetings and take advantage of some of the most diverse and stunning eco- tourism attractions in the Caribbean like the Caroni Swamp, a wetland sanctuary that hosts hundreds of bird species, including the national bird, the scarlet ibis. You can hike through the El Cerro del Aripo, the highest peak on the island or visit the Asa Wright Nature Centre, a former cocoa-coffee-citrus plantation that is now a wildlife reserve and education center.

There are always productive ways to spend your leisure time in Trinidad. Immerse yourself in a culinary journey from the infamous 'Doubles' and 'Bake and Shark', making Trinidad a food lovers paradise! Experience Trinidad's multi-ethnic diversity with year-round activities such as Carnival, Jazz festival and extravagant food fairs. Whether you are looking for a luxurious hotel, a unique ecotourism experience, or a vibrant cultural scene, Trinidad is the perfect place to hold your next meeting.

Tourism Trinidad Limited (TTL) is the government agency responsible for the development and promotion of tourism in Trinidad. TTL's website visittrinidad.ttoffers a variety of services, including assistance with finding, and booking hotels and other accommodation, help with organizing transportation and activities, and other useful information.

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